Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wondering about another ground turkey recall.

Dang, this is the second ground turkey recall from the same company within a month. Why can’t they get their act together? It seems like they will go broke this way. We buy a lot of ground turkey, since it is the base my wife uses when she prepares food for our dogs. Yes, she cooks for our dogs and it is so good that I try to get some of it, too. I guess the dogs are cuter than I am, because they always seem to win out.

Our oldest dog has colitis, and is very sensitive to diet. We were thinking that we were taking extra special care of our dogs by knowing what we were feeding them, preparing it ourselves, and adding all the ingredients to keep them healthy. The meat is always cooked, so it should be OK.

Now, I have been asked why we chose poultry as the meat base and not red meat. Well, one of the reasons was what I learned from an animal handler. I was watching hem throw chicken to all his big cats. I ask him why he was giving them chicken instead of a side of beef. He told me that animals in captivity do not get the activity needed to digest red meat very well. Also, in the wild, the big cats eat their preys’ stomach contents, etc. and get a variety with their meat. I figured if it were good enough for a professional it was good enough for me.

Red meat, now and then, is a treat and does not hurt anything. I eat very little red meat. I don’t get much exercise, either. (grin) OK, I had a good supper last night. I ate a package of Louisiana Cajun Boudin sausage. Wow, I like that stuff. Every time I do that, I tell myself that next time I will make two meal out of it like I should have done. But, every time I just eat the whole package. It is just sooooo goooood.

Sixbears had a question about Boudin and I found a picture on the internet that is exactly what I ate, except I ate two of them:

You all have a good week now, you hear?


  1. Haven't had any Boudin in ages.. It can be addictive. But it' probably best if you don't ask what's in it!! :-) Especially the store bought
    Had my first in a small place just north of New Orleans I guess near 30 years ago.
    Ever used it in your spaghetti sauce in place of Italian sausage? Good stuff.

  2. Since I don't do ground turkey I guess I don't have to worry about that, but a person would think they would have learned after the first time??? Guess not. I like pork real well and eat it more than beef, mainly because it comes in a can labeled Spam. ;)

  3. Would that be Boudin noir, or blood sausage? I used to eat it with the guys at work, because none of our wives wanted that stuff in the house.

    We do eat a lot of poultry here too, but I've started to avoid the ground stuff. Also avoid the bulk packages they sell at Wally World. There's something weird about the meat there. Just my opinion.

  4. Ben, no I have not used it in spaghetti sauce, but I bet it would be good.

    David, yes I don’t know why they can’t get their act together. Spam is good but way too much sodium for my blood pressure.

    Sixbears, I edited my blog and found a picture on the internet of what I like to eat. Take a look.

  5. Ok, not the same stuff. That looks more like white Boudin, not the same as the blood sausage, which is almost black in color. Very good with mustard.

  6. Had me go'n for a second there Dizzy. When I saw the picture on my blog list, I thought you was gonna be talkin' bout somethin' else.

  7. Sixbears it is Cajun white boudin. Have not tried the red one.

    HoboJoe I'm lost for words, was that a complament?

  8. hahahaha hobo. Ever tried that Opa's,,made in Fredericksburg? I like any of it thrown on a grill.

  9. I watched the dvd Food Inc. and now there is no doubt in my mind why there is so much contamination in our food...you might give it a look...if only half of it is true we are in trouble...glad my husband is a hunter.

  10. Sorry Dizzy, that was just a poor attempt at humor, cause when I glanced at your little picture on my blog I thought it looked like...you know...something else :)

  11. Trouble, no I haven’t. I don’t eat a lot of meat and when I do it is usually chicken or salmon. But every now and then I get hungry for the white boudin.

    Ain’t for, wild game is always better than store bought meat. Now, if you raise your own or buy Certified Grass Fed livestock, that is OK and good for you.

    HoboJoe, there is no such thing as poor humor (grin).

  12. I don't use ground turkey, but I do love boudin. Down here we say Boo dan. To me its like a very savory cajun rice dressing or dirty rice in a casing. Some people like to boil it. I like it baked or grilled. That's some good eating.

  13. Daughteroftx, that is the way we say it hear in East Texas.

  14. Well I guess that we are both close enough to Louisiana that we can use their culture...food, language, etc. I like the food best though! I wonder if everyone pronounces it that way? It's interesting to hear the way words change in different parts of the country.