Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, September 16, 2011

Going to keep this short this morning. My wife and I both made appointments with our “Doctor of Optometry” this morning. It is just a routine visit to get checked out and to make sure that our eyes and glasses are OK.

I took a walk around the place yesterday. It is just so sad to see the dead and dying. The swamp is completely dry now, most of the vegetation and trees are dying and with no food or water, the wildlife is dead or dying. Some of the old Oak trees will be lost. If it ever rains here, maybe next spring some will come back, but I doubt that many will. Nature can really be cruel at times. Less than an inch of rain since last October is unheard of. Why the desert gets more rain than that! It is no wonder we have been plagued with wild fires.

Got to run, so you all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. OK,GOT to pick on you now.. You have said more than once that you don't take drugs or do other medical prescribed procedures.. What ya gonna do if the eye doc says you need such and such to retain your deteriorating vision?

    About your trees, maybe they have gone dormant and just hanging on till it rains again. Hope so anyway.

  2. Where's the pics? I'm sick every time i'm out anywhere and see the dead and dying things. Gonna film around the whole county before long, since it seems to be setting a record. You being on the coast surprises me, hard to believe it!!

  3. Gotta take care of those peepers.

    It's been so wet this year that mushrooms are popping out everywhere. Raining again today. Looks like little NH got all the rain that was supposed to fall on big TX.

  4. Ben, I do what I have to do and nothing more. Last year I had both cataracts removed. Hope the trees went dormant, will not know until next spring. Hope it rains between now and then.

    Trouble, yep, the flora and fauna around here was hit harder because they are used to 50 or so inches of rain a year and this year got less than one inch.

    Sixbears, yep, there is a lot I want to see. Feel free to send any or all of that rain this away.

  5. I'm sending you a large piece of glacier that I got at a really good price. The idea is to hang it from a really tall tree by a string and let it drip, it's a rain simulator... so send me your address, you'd better hurry though it's starting to melt already already...

  6. TFT, It better be a big one. We need all the help we can get. Just send it to DizzyDick at Cut & Shoot, TX.