Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wondering why I forget so many things.

I forget things, lots of things!!! Then I start wondering and worrying if I am getting senile or have the beginning touches of the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. No, I do not believe in worrying about anything, so that part was short lived, but I still wonder. Everyone jokes about “old timer’s disease”, well I do see the humor in it but in another way it is not so funny. Sometimes I can remember things way back when I was a child better than where I just laid down my keys, or my glasses, or the TV remote, or.. or..or.. dang I forget.

What brought this on? Oh yea, I had a great idea for a blog yesterday afternoon. I must have done something stupid, cause all I can remember is the title I was going to use. That title for the blog was going to be “Wondering why I am so dumb”. Sort of fits, but this was definitely not the subject I had in mind, at least I don’t think so. I can’t remember. This happens a lot. I think of a good topic and then by the next morning when I start to write, poof, it is gone. Does this ever happen to you? Come on now, be honest.

Maybe I should get a notepad to carry in my pocket to write down things; that is if I remember to write things down and then remember where I put the notebook and remember to read what I put in it. No, I ain’t going to do that. I think my brain is like a hard drive. When it gets full you got to clean some stuff off it so you can put more on it and sometimes it needs defragged. I am sure that like a hard drive, our brains have a maximum capacity of the amount of memory it can hold. So, when you get old you have put a lot of stuff in memory and it is probably full up. Now, that makes sense to me. I would much better believe that than think that I had some kind of “old folk’s” disease.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Welcome to the club :-) Hell I forget what I went into the room for. ;-)
    I keep a note pad here on my table for jotting things down on. Of course when I go out to get the stuff on the list, I forget the list.

    About your forgotten blog , just open up a word processor on your computer and type up what you want to blog tomorrow. Then when you start your new post, copy and paste! :-)
    At least I "think" that is what I do on occasion.

  2. Heck DD, i blame mine on all the dam meds i got put on. Started then, so,,,why not? lolol
    My youngest bro, tells me,,don't worry, i've been that way all my life. AND HE HAS

  3. I think a lot of us have that problem. I just tell myself that it must have not been important anyway!

    Seems like the harder I try and remember, the more lost the thought is.

    I used to take notes, but it got to where I would look at the notes and say "wonder what I meant by that?"

    Have a great day, buddy!

  4. Ben, I do that sometimes. I always write my blog in Word, that way it catches most of my spelling errors. I spell worse than I remember.

    Trouble, I try to stay away from meds, so I can’t blame it on that.

    Hermit, I know what you mean. We might as well make the best of it. Isn’t it great to learn all those new things over again?

  5. The big advantage is that you can hide your own Easter Eggs.

    Have a good day!

  6. I always read that stress lead to memory loss. I saw that in my boss, he would swear he did not tell me such and such or that I did not tell him this or that. So we always followed up with an e-mail confirming what we had discussed or he would forget.

    I too forget things quite frequently. Have to keep a note pad handy. In my house in Houston its easy because I have a home office but if I am at mom's I have stuff all over the place.

    But I do worry :(

  7. Sixbears, I will try that next year, if I remember.

    MsB, I carry index cards in my shirt pocket so I can take notes. Never seem to do it, always figure I’ll remember it. Only write down telephone numbers, email addresses, etc. Need to write more stuff down. My Mom kept a note pad and wrote everything down. We are almost neighbors, I live a few miles north of Houston in Cut & Shoot.