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Friday, September 30, 2011

Gypsy Got It Right! And a great TV show.

Congratulations to Gypsy, she got the anagram correct. I couldn’t solve it, but then, I am not very good at word puzzles. I always liked math the best. I love Sudoku and work them all the time.

Now for the rest of you who may have attempted the anagram, here is the correct answer and if you check yesterday’s comments from Gypsy, you will see that she did get it right:



How many of you got the right answer?

I thought that we were going to get a lot of rain yesterday afternoon. Heard lots of thunder and saw lots of lightning. Checked the radar on line and saw two large storm masses moving toward the south. Only trouble, our location was right between the two big masses. Yes, it did rain, but not near what our neighbors on both sides got. But still, I am thankful for any amount that we get. Some rain is much better than no rain. I think maybe the weather pattern has changed for the better. Time will tell.

Do any of you watch the “Larry’s Country Diner” TV show? I always enjoy it for the music and the comedy. Last night Johnny Lee and the Oak Ridge Boys were the musical guests and I always get a big laugh out of Nadine. It is a great family show and very entertaining and they do not cut out the bloopers.  It is filmed "as is".  The “Sheriff” is one of the best guitar pickers in the business and his wife has a good singing voice. I highly recommend that show along with a lot of other great TV shows on RFDTV. If your cable or satellite company doesn’t offer it, call and complain. Here is a link to a sample of the show:


You all have a great TGIF day, you hear?


  1. I can't get RFD here, but sounds like a winner. BTW, speaking of older country. You might enjoy wandering around this site. http://pantherhall.com/
    I knew Corky, the owner, as he was our neighbor out on the farm. In Fact the place where I live now I bought from him and at one time it was his main house with horse barn out back. ( You parked next to that barn.

  2. Ben, ask your cable provider why not? And yes, I like old C&W and old and new blue grass. Will check that site out when I can, been real busy today, sick dog, trip to the vets, etc. I did take a few minutes and just went down and took a picture of the deepest part of my pond. Will post it tomorrow.