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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pond Update, etc.

A few weeks ago a commenter on my blog requested an update on my swamp, pond, lake, or what ever you call it.  So, about 18:30 last evening, I took a walk around the place noting a bunch of dead oaks and pines and also walked down to the bottom of the deepest part of what use to be five acres of water.  I took a picture of the bottom and here it is:

The only clue that it had rained at all was down deep in the cracks. If you look real close, you can see damp soil or should I be so bold as to say mud? Also, some grass has started to grow there. As you can see, it is going to take a lot of rain just to get the earth wet enough to hold water.

I can just imagine after it first does get some water in it how bad the mosquitoes will be. Why? Because there will be no fish to eat the larva and few frogs. Life as my swamp once knew it is gone and will not return for a long, long time.

We took a sick dog to the Vet’s yesterday. Go out of there with almost three hundred dollars less to our name than when we went in there. Seems they are getting more expensive than people doctors, of course I trust Veterinarians more than I do people doctors.

Hey, you all have a good weekend now, you here? It is actually cold here this morning. It is now only 51 degrees, brrrrrrr, but I love it.


  1. It's raining again here today. Wish I could send you some of it to fill that pond. It's pretty sad looking. The bugs will recover first. Might be worth stocking some mosquito eating fish as soon as the pond refills -in self defense.

    Hope your dog feels better. It seems you can't say hello to a vet without it costing at least $300.

  2. 6bears, Maybe UPS or FedX can ship some of that rain down here. . . We now only have three dogs (our children), so am use to keeping Vets in business.

  3. THX for the swamp pics!,,There will be frogs when a little water gets back.

    HEYY,,what was wrong with ur dog? And is it fixed?

  4. Sorry to see the swamp so dry! Man, that is a heart breaker!

    Hope the dog gets back to normal!

  5. Man Dizzy, it looks like you're making some kinda bricks in that pond. Come on rain, dump some on Texas!

  6. Dsng Dizzy!! That almost looks like you could pry out earth bricks and use them like they did adobe way back when.
    Hang in,, hopefully you'll get some winter and spring rain and refill it.

  7. We are hoping for rain also this weekend..looking slim right now. We tell our Molliedog when she is reaching her vet limit for the year...she seems to stay out of trouble until Jan 1st somehow that way...

  8. Trouble, my dog has colitis. It has been under control but she had a bad flare up.

    HJ, Yes, and all the dead or dying trees. Don’t know if this place will ever be the same. Dog is feeling much better.

    Hobo, I should have laid down a tape measure, those cracks are pretty wide. There has been rain all around but not very much here.

    Ben, yes it would be easy to bet some building blocks out of it. I have been hearing for many months that “it is surely going to rain soon”.

    Ain’t, we had a beautiful and cool day today. The high was only in the mid 80’s and it was in the low 50’s when I got up this morning. Wow, what a change. Glad your dog is doing well.

  9. Remember that song... Summertime and the living is easy... well I guess it was written many years ago and things have changed...

  10. FT, Must have been, this summer was not easy. Yours is just starting and I hope it is better than the one we had.