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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wandering to the dentist, again.

I got an appointment for this morning with the dentist to get my bad tooth pulled. The X-ray revealed that at least one of the roots has already broken off. Guess it will come out in pieces. Also, got to get the garbage gathered up and down to the road for pick-up, so don’t have time to write what I had planned and post pictures.

I drove down I-45 yesterday to a special store to get a new toy for myself. On the way, went past that big fire they had at the Garden Ridge Pottery store. There was lots of smoke. I will post pictures of it and my new toy tomorrow. For now, got to run.

You all have a great day, not sure how great mine will be (grin).


  1. Did I tell ya bout one Dentist I had years ago. She understood my fear of The chair so told me to have a Margarita with lunch before I came in. I did and it sure helped. I didn't care what she did!! :-)

  2. WHAT???,,NEW TOY??? and then u left us???

  3. If you're gonna get a tooth pulled, you deserve a new toy Dizzy :)

  4. Ben, I would think that alcohol in your system would cause excessive bleeding, but it would be a lot more relaxing, for sure. Trouble is, I don’t drink anymore.

    Trouble, sorry but I had to run and didn’t turn the computer back on when I got home. I will tell you all about it.

    Hobo, my thoughts exactly.