Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wondering how far down the water is.

When we moved on this property about 27 years ago, you would hit water just digging a fence post hole. I dug lots of holes, since I had a big auger that attached to the rear of my Farmall 200. Back then, the pond covered 5 to 6 acres and never dried up. But as the years progressed, it seemed to get increasingly dry and back in 2002, it dried up enough so I could get in with a borrowed tractor with a front end loader and dig it down deeper in one area. Since then, even in so called “dry spells”, the old deepest part and the new deep “hole” I had dug never dried up and therefore it preserved the fish population. There were some big ole bass in there. Even then, the old deep hole still held water, so up until this year, as far as I know it has never dried up in the past.

Now I have to wonder just how far the water level is dropping. Of course I am worried about my water well. As I told you once before, one time the water level dropped below my foot valve and I had to add another section of pipe to get it down lower. At that time, the drought we were having was nothing compared to the year long drought we are having now. I suppose the thing to do if the well stops pumping water, is to get in the RV and take a long trip until it rains. Now that sounds like a good solution. Drought has created nomads in the past, right?

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. I've wondered about the wells too. So far around here, they're ok, but who knows how long that will be. Scary thot.

  2. North Texas got some rain. The may have helped the aquifer.

  3. Sounds like a road trip would certainly be justified in this case!

    Maybe the next cool front will bring some much needed rain your way!

  4. HJ, I will use anything as an excuse for a road trip. And bring on the cool front.

  5. Yikes, the water table would be worrying me.
    As to your last post..PA in the winter. I like the house cooler..easier to breath. We have a wood stove which about cooks us. I am always cracking windows. I have to use a humidifier.
    the joys of winter.