Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wondering about a small flower and an old poll.

I found the first wild flower that I have seen since last winter and early spring.  It was in a place up where my covered rear porch meets the house, so any rain or dew that came off the roof would hit that area.  Now this is by no means a huge flower, in fact you would hardly notice it if you didn’t look close.  First I will show you a close up view of a flower with a dime in the picture to give you a sense of scale:
And now the full plant:
A little sign that life still exists.

Now let us jump back in time to between 1935 and 1939. In 1939 it was twenty two years after The World War. No it wasn’t called the first world war back then, since there was not a second WW, it was the only World War. There was trouble brewing in Europe and in the April 17, 1939 issue of LIFE magazine, they printed the results of a poll that reflects the changing mood of Americans between 1935 and 1939. I thought that it was very interesting, having the advantage to know what did happen a short time later.

The first couple of questions were “Will America Get Into the Next War?” Yes or No. And “Should America Send Troops to Help Britain and France Fight Germany and Italy?” Yes or No.

The next question was about economic aid to Britain and France.
The last question concerned Americans’ feeling about Germany.

I found this poll rather interesting.  You may have to enlarge the view to read it.  You all have a great day now you hear?


  1. Life holds on in the nooks and crannies. The drought hasn't gotten everything yet.

  2. I used to see those flowers on occasion, but not lately. They seem to be hanging in ok.

    Got an idea for ya after reading those ole polls. Why don't you do a couple more related to today's issues? Pretty sure polls on blogger are an option. So, get after it!!! :-)

  3. Just lately, read a book that revolved around that subject. Good post, DD.
    TG that the wild flowers and things, do come back.

  4. 6bears, Life does have a way of existing no matter what the environment. Hope it gets easier for life real soon.

    Ben, normally there are a lot of them around here. This year they are a little harder to find.

    Trouble, I am getting a much better insight into the pre-WW2 America and the world. Since I also have a set of 1943 Life magazines, the war itself should be revealed. And yes, glad some things are surviving.