Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wondering what to write about this last Friday in October.

Here I sit with nothing good to say, so I read the blogs that I follow that have been posted already and commented on most of them. Still nothing hit me to write about today. I want to thank you for all your kind comments concerning my last painting. You were all too nice. Now I need a new idea for a new painting. So how can I come up with a painting idea when I can’t even come up with a blog idea? Well, I guess I could start the painting just like I started this blog post, not having the slightest idea what to say or how it will turn out.

So, what do you all do when you have no idea what to post? Probably what I should have done; just not posted anything. You know, if you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut. . . right? No. The problem is I post every day and if I miss a day without prior warning, some of my followers worry that something happened to me. I do the same when someone skips a day without notice. I worry that something bad may have happened to them. What about you all? And how would I have known yesterday that I would have nothing to say today?

We did get a little rain yesterday evening when the cold front came through and dropped the temperatures from the 80’s to the 60’s. It was 53 degrees here this morning and they are predicting tomorrow morning to be in the 40’s. That is cold for this time of year. At least with the hot, dry summer, it sounds really cold.

Hey, I am rambling on with nothing to say so will just say; “have a great Friday and a better weekend, you hear?”


  1. I noticed that several of the Bloggers are having writers block lately! Nothing wrong with that, from time to time!

    That's why I read so many papers, and check the history.com so often!

    I'm sure you are loving this weather as much as I am! Ain't it great?

  2. Told ya, just get that one sentence there, and the rest just magically appears. lolololol. And ur right, I worry about the regular ones, that just don't show one day. Not good!
    How would ur swamp look, for a painting?

  3. For a painting how a three masted schooner running for port with storm clouds in the back ground

  4. HJ, yeah, it must be catching, but you always have a fresh, new, and interesting post each day. Yes on the weather, I just went out and walked my morning mile, very comfortable.

    Trouble, Yes, a long journey begins with the first step, right? The dried up swamp is not very picturesque, but maybe it would make an interesting subject.

    Anon, don’t think all that would fit on my canvases. You see, when I paint with acrylics (my wife doesn’t allow oil painting in the house anymore), I use small canvases. I have a supply of 8” x 10” (that is what the moon painting was on) and 11” x 14” canvases to use. Also have bigger ones but am saving them for the oils, if I ever do any again. Oil painting is easier than acrylics and water colors are the hardest, in my opinion.

  5. Dizzy if you want a larger canvas to work on , I got a flat wall in my den/dining room you can work on!! I need some color in this area anyway.
    Grab your paints and head on up. We could do a whole nuther blog about your progress .. But you couldn't take it with you when you finished. That wall is about 7 ft high 15' long and right now is sort of dusty beige.

  6. Wish I could paint. Well . . . I don't wish hard enough to take lessons and practice practice practice, so it's a kinda casual wish. So many of my friends are good artists that I feel a bit jealous sometimes. A couple of them make their living with art. I'm sure you'll find something interesting to paint -like maybe bears, six or so should do it. :)

  7. Ben, that sounds like an interesting project, of course I don’t have any large brushes (grin).

    6bears, I never took any lessons, just decided one day to paint a bird on a tree. That was probably 20 years ago or so. It turned out pretty good but I just never seemed to have the time to do any more. Now that I am semi-retired, I am able to squeeze in a few hours a week to paint. I do some good ones and some bad ones. Lately, I have been showing them all to you after I finish them.

  8. Apparently, that writers block is a common affliction this time of year. I liked your painting Dizzy, it looks remarkably similar to Hawaii.