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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wondering about my page views

I have a counter on my blog. It is supposed to tell me how many hits I have had. As of this morning, it shows 17,577. If I remember correctly, I put it on back at or very near the creation of my blog. Now about the wondering part. When I check my STATS, it tells me that I have had 47844 hits. That is 30267 more than my counter has registered or about two and three quarter times as many as the counter shows. Does the counter only count a selected few? Are you one of those special few?

If the discrepancy was within reason, I wouldn’t even think about it, but the discrepancy is huge. Ben from “An Older Texan Remembers” holds the record for the most hits on my site. Thanks Ben. Hermit Jim and Billy Bob are closely tied for second place and David and Gypsy come in third. If you haven’t in the past, go now and check out their blog sites.

I appreciate all of your page views and especially appreciate all of your comments. The comments are what keep me blogging. I consider you all my friends. Thank you for taking your precious time to read the junk I write.

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. OK, another hit on your counter from me :-)
    I enjoy your postings , certainly different from the majority of blogs that I look at. And having met you just makes it that much more interesting.
    Keep it up!!.

  2. I ran several counters at one time and they never agreed. I think they lie. They are like my bicycle speedometer in that it does not matter what it says or even if it's there or not I ride the same.

  3. I get confused about how those counters work as well!

    I guess that as long as somebody is reading, then that's all that counts, right?

    Have a great day, my friend!

  4. My Sitemeter stats show a difference between "Visits" and "page Views", and I could never understand why. I didn't realize you could see who is reading.

    You write a very good blog that comes up with some interesting points to ponder, and I always enjoy reading it.

  5. I've read ur blog daily from the get go, so i'm one of the uncounted.

  6. Ben, thanks for your comment. I think most everyone is different and unique. That is why I like to talk and interact with people.

    Oldfool, my counter sure does not agree with what the “stats” say. I put it on just for the heck of it. Don’t need it, cause I got friends like you all.

    HJ, I agree with you that what counts is if someone is reading and commenting. You all have stuck with me through all my junk just to get at a few pieces of wisdom; very few pieces and you would have had to look really hard. (grin)

  7. Interested on how you can tell who is visiting - I use Sitemeter, Google Stats and Statcounter - none of them give me source - just IP addresses.

    Reckon they differ in that some will count hits only, some will count hits and page views, and some will count page views only. My stats also vary :)

  8. I can't figure that stuff either. Guess I just don't care all that much.

    So anyway, here I am, no matter how it's counted.

  9. Gypsy, Thanks for the kind words. Actually I am not sure, there are two lists, one is titled Referring URL’s and the other is titled Referring Sites. You can get numbers for the day, week, month, or all time.
    On my dashboard I have these options: New Post, Edit Posts, Comments, Settings, Design, Monetize, Stats. The last, “Stats”, is where I get the information.

    Trouble, you are right, I can’t find you in my Stats, why?

    Dani, I don’t know why, see my comment to Gypsy, where I tell where I got the info. Maybe you need a blog site to be counted? We may have to ask an expert.

    6bears, You are surely counted, at least in my book.

  10. I think it depends on how you get to a site. Like if Trouble looks at BB's blog first and then clicks Dizzy's blog from there, that counts as a visit from BB. I think.

  11. Don't worry about the stats DD... just keep on doing what you're doing...

  12. Hobo, I think you are right. I know almost nothing about blogger, just enough to use it.

    TFT, OK Keith, I will try to do my best, well maybe not my best, but will keep on posting.

  13. Hey Mr. Dizzy,

    I have used the Blogger counter, and it naturally lines up with what your stats tell you. Also loads faster. I'm saying this without even looking to see what you use.