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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wondering what will happen to our pets.

As we get older we start to think of things that we shrugged off at an earlier age. We start thinking of our end and what our loved ones will do and what will become of our beloved pets. Heck, I have already lived over 8 years longer than my Dad did. OK, let me start with this scenario. What would happen if my wife and I were killed in an automobile accident? Who would rescue our pets from our locked house and then who would take care of them in the manner they are used to? Yes, they are spoiled rotten.

We have lived with them for quite awhile and know their moods, their wants, and their needs. Each one has its own personality and we have learned how to respond to each of them. My wife is their chef and creates healthy, tasty meals for them. How can we find someone who would take over? If we could find someone, how much monetary assistance should be provided for that person in our wills and what stipulation should be made about the treatment and care of our surviving pets? Should that person be allowed the use of our home for the duration of the dogs’ lives or deeded over to that person for good?

The worst part of this is that I would have no idea who we would want to take care of our pets. Now, if we lived back in Pennsylvania where most of my wife’s and my relatives and friends live, it would not be as big a problem. That would still be a viable option, I just thought it would be an easier transition if they were to stay in the same home that they have lived in all their lives.

You may think we are crazy to worry about such things, but our dogs have been our children, our friends, our companions, and a huge part of our lives for years. Since I worked out of my home for the last part of my working career, I didn’t get to meet many new people. Most all of my friends are my age or back in Pennsylvania or in the blogger world. I just don’t know what to do.

I have heard of people having their pets put down and buried with them. No way would I even consider that option. Do you think that I am crazy for thinking about such things and for loving my pets so much? What would you do?

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Boy howdy Dizzy, you have posed a question that is probably on every pet owners mind. When ya take a pet into your home, they become family. Your question hit home with me and my Sadie Mae. Who's gonna take care of her and give the same care and love she receives today?
    I have old "pesky neighbor" Wayne here inn Deming that would gladly take care of Sadie, but suppose I'm off somewhere else where I know no one, relatives are hundreds of mile away, we are alone....who would take the responsibility to care for her? Something we all think about....who.

  2. I've thot about that a long time,,DD. It's the reason i have just the one Jude. He's around 8 now, but will probably outlive me. Surely some of my family would take care of him, but i don't know that.
    Think i just might add that to my will. lol.

  3. You bring up an interesting question that I have been thinking a lot about lately.

    I just finished going over with Mom some of her vital paperwork..."just in case!"

    The subject of pet care came up more than once, both my cat and hers. Gives a person lots of food for thought and I would think that your wishes, whatever they are, should be written down somewhere! Sure would make it simpler, I think.

    Better safe than sorry, and it would make the mind easier!

  4. You are not crazy, but responsible. Often they end up in a shelter. You know the odds of a happy outcome from that.

  5. BB, If something happened on the road, it could be bad for a pet.

    Trouble, adding it to your will should ease your mind.

    HJ, you are cetainly right that we need to write our wishes down. I have been fixing to do that for years. . .

    6bears, Yes, the shelters do what they can, but in most cases it doesn't end happily. Thanks for not thinking me crazy, a little dizzy, but not crazy (grin).