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Friday, October 14, 2011

Wandering down I-45 to get a new toy

The day before yesterday, my wife and I stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things and then were planning to head down south on I-45 from Conroe to south of Spring where the Houston Amateur Radio Store is located. When we came out of Wal-Mart we could see smoke down south of us and had heard on the news just before we left the house that the Garden Ridge Pottery store was on fire. Being able to see that much smoke that far away and when we left our house we thought we could smell it, means it is a BIG fire. We were not sure if we wanted to go down past it but decided would give it a try, since the next day I would have a bad tooth pulled.

Here is sequence of pictures as we drove past it:
Of course the traffic backed up because everyone wanted a closer look, but surprisingly, it moved past without much delay.

OH yeah, I did get my new toy. It is hand held transceiver made by ICOM. My old one had the spring connector for the battery brake off. They didn’t have a part to replace it so I got a new radio. That works for me. Here are a couple of pictures of my new toy:
Before I forget, I need to give you an update on my trip to the dentist. He had a rough time pulling that tooth and getting the broken off root out. He was pressing down so hard on my lower jaw that I thought it would brake off. When I reached up and pressed where the jaw attaches, he asked if it hurt. Dumb question, it sure did. So, he gave me something to bite down on to relieve some of the pressure. Finally he got it out, took awhile and he even said that I worked him way too hard. I think we were both relieved when it was over.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. How often do you really use that little Radio? Does your Bride carry one to keep in touch with you?

    I tried to warn you about the Tooth yanking guy, they are all masochist!! Bet he left you , went into the back room and chuckled to himself. :-)

  2. Hey Ben, my wife does not have an amateur radio license. And I did think I heard some chuckling in the back room (grin). He did a good job, quit bleeding by this morning and I am having no pain now.

  3. You must be glad to have the tooth thing behind you. I once had the slim dentist get the beefy dentist in the next office to help him pull a tooth. It took both of them and it broke in half.

    I'm looking for a new handheld marine radio myself. Don't want to rely on just the sailboat's base unit.

  4. Having no pain now? What kind of drug are you taking? lololol
    Had a tooth pulled one time, same way. When it turned loose, it shot across the room, i was feeling no pain tho. lol

  5. 6Bears, sounds like you had tough tooth. The problem with mine are the roots wrap around my jaw bone. Hope you find the radio you want.

    Trouble, I never opened the bottle of pain pills. The only reason I got them was that both the anti-biotics and the pain meds were written on the same presciption so the drugest had to fill both. I don't take pain pills.

  6. I was going through my box of electronics in preparation to sending some things back home that I really don't want down here. Found my little tri-band Kenwood that I got when I got my license several years ago. Probably only talked on it a half dozen times as I moved away from my ham buddies right after that. Probably not legal down here in Honduras. Thinking about selling it, but feel a bit nostalgic about it. Kenwood TH-F6 Tribander. Fancy little thing...

    I'm on the other side of my 3rd root canal now. No pain. There was infection, so it was a rough appointment. My dentist called rest time at one point, besides the times I asked to rest. All good now. I have 2 more teeth that need crowns, and the rest are just fillings. The end is in sight.