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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wandering to the flea market again this morning.

I was getting bored with the flea market until last week when I found those binders full of old Life magazines. Now, this morning, I am chomping at the bit to get back to it. The prospect of unexpectedly finding a treasure or something that I really like has reappeared in optimistic mind.

This IS going to be a good morning, just have that feeling. Maybe it is because the weatherman last night said we have a 30 percent chance of rain. Trouble is, the higher probability of rain is south of interstate 10. I guess there are some advantages to living closer to the gulf, but I like it up here where I live.

My cousin sent me an email about a lake about an hour from where he lives. He said it is almost at 4000 feet elevation and that makes it the highest lake east of the Mississippi river. There is a really nice hotel with a fabulous restraint beside the lake. That hotel is where most of the movie “Dirty Dancing” was filmed. The lake is almost dry now. Here are a couple of pictures that he sent to me:

He explained the pictures in an email to me. Since he did a great job in explaining his outing I am just going to copy and paste his email here, I don’t think he will mind:

“These pictures were taken a year ago, but it looked the same last weekend. There is some kind of shifting geological flapper valve at the bottom of the lake that causes the lake to drain away every 100 years or so. Or someone forgot to jiggle the handle after flushing. Since the hotel by the lake doesn't currently have a lake, they compensated by having the best Sunday buffet in the state. And yes, after my third trip (who's counting?) to the buffet table I was a bit dizzy. I told brother-in-law L--- that we could pack away more food because of the lesser atmospheric pressure, but ran the risk of exploding on the way back down the mountain. So we figured if we chew a pack of gum on the trip down, we'd be OK.”

I like the way he writes, don’t you? I think that he should start his own blog. Here is a link to Wikipedia that tells also tells about the lake and hotel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mountain_Lake_(Virginia)

You all have a good weekend now, you hear?


  1. Just another example of why it's a good idea to be nomadic.

  2. Dizzy , I bet if you look in the phone book or maybe online there are self help/support groups for Flea Market addiction in your area. Maybe you and wife could get a family discount? :-)

    Good thing you don't live closer to Canton and the huge place there!

  3. Oldfoor, that is for sure, but since in only drains out every 100 years or so, I guess it would be cheaper to leave the Lodge there.

    Ben, we have been to Canton. That is amazing. I wonder if it is still as big as it used to be.

  4. Well you were wrong yesterday DD I'm sorry to say. It was some guy banging on the door...

  5. TFT, I have been wrong a lot lately, just my blog for today.