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Monday, October 10, 2011

Swap Meet at the Flea Market

Yesterday, when we showed up at the flea market as usual, there was something different there. No, I don’t mean at the tables. They were also holding a “swap meet” where people sell automobiles, parts, and related stuff. At a flea market you have to have lots of stuff.

Anyway, since all of you who are my age like to see old cars and dream about the “good old days”, I am just going to post a few pictures that I took of some of the cars and I will try not to comment too much; don’t want to spoil the pictures with a lot of words.

Now ain’t that nice, even has suicide doors.

Now here is ’57 Ford:

And an old Mercury.  Does anyone know what year this is?

And I love what is painted on the rear window:

Now here are two for the price of one:
I had a ’57 Chevy convertible that I really loved. It even had a “souped” up engine.

As we were leaving, we drove past the ’57 Ford so I snapped another picture:
Hope you enjoyed the old cars and brought back some good old memories.   Have a great day and week, you hear?


  1. Old Boys car toys~!!! Email sent about the old one you don't know what year.

  2. That mercury body style was from 1949 to 1951 says the man with a faulty memory.

  3. Thank you all for the dates. I do remember back when I was teenager, that vintage of Mercury was widely used to make street-rods or hot-rods out of. It is funny how old cars bring back old memories.

  4. I love these old cars..I am looking for a old VW bus for some reason...I can't believe the price of some of them on e-bay..I need to find one in someone's back yard..

  5. Never get tired of lookin' at old cars Dizzy.

  6. I like to look at old cars, but I can't go with my dad. He remembers what it took to keep those old buggies on the road, and is very happy with his new car, thank you very much.

  7. Ain’t, my wife’s uncle used to have one of those that he fixed up for camping and took trips in it. That was back years ago.

    Hobo, me neither. Trouble is I am a lot older than most of the “old” cars.

    6bears, my first car was a 1955 DeSoto which I took over after my Dad put almost two hundred thousand miles on it (he was a salesman for H.J. Heinz Co.) and I drove it for years until I got my ’57 Chevy convertible. I stopped driving it and let it sit in Dad’s back yard. He wanted it out of there and I took a battery and gas and to everyone’s surprise, it started and I got it to the drive way on it’s own power where the wrecker took it away. It was a really good car.