Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wondering about some traffic signs.

They are everywhere, traffic signs telling you what to do. Actually most all of them tell you what not to do. Of course some do tell you what to do, like STOP or YIELD or KEEP RIGHT, etc. I guess I could turn these around and say that they also tell you not to proceed without stopping or yielding and not to stay in the left lanes. So, in reality, they are also telling us what not to do.

Most, although, tell you not to do something. Speed limits let you know that it is illegal to exceed the speed that is posted on the sign, so they actually tell you not to drive faster than what they have posted. There are many signs that begin with the word “NO”, like NO U-TURNS or NO OUTLET or NO LITTERING or NO TURN ON RED or. . . you get the picture. I am still waiting to see some positive official signs that say “ENJOY YOUR DRIVE” or “HAVE A GOOD DAY” or “SMILE” or . . . you also get the idea, right?

Now I expect signs on the highway, but when I opened the refrigerator this morning, I didn’t expect to see this sign:
I guess I should explain. My wife likes to drink filtered water unlike me who likes the “taste” of well water and all the junk that is in it. Her solution was to purchase two pitcher type filter units. The brand is PUR and this website shows what they look like and tells about them: http://www.purwater.com/pur-products/water-pitcher/2-stage.html  My wife fills the PUR pitchers when they get empty and puts them in the refrigerator so she can have access to cold filtered water when ever shy wants it. The problem is I put things in the refrigerator where she wants to sit the pitchers. So, that is why, when I opened up the refrigerator door this morning, that sign greeted me.  Between the two pitchers is her coffee.  I guess I have to obey the signs. . .

OK, off to the flea market again. It is a simply beautiful cool morning. Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. We have "his and her" refrigerators. We also have "his and her" kitchens since I like to make smoke and I love the smell of burning onions.

  2. Speaking of signs.. I once saw a sign on a parking area that read. "Don't Even Think of Parking Here! " Forget where it was but I liked it.

  3. Oldfool, I, too, love the smell of burning onions. Actually, I just love onions and their smell. Can't afford two kitchens, she is in charge of the one in the house and the one in the Motor-home.

    Ben, I guess if you don't think about it you can park there, right?

  4. Over in Tyler they have flashing yellow arrows. I guess that sign would say something like Ok to turn if you are brave enough, but if not never mind.

  5. Bob, I hate the "new and improved" arrows for traffic lights. If you are collor blind you would think it ok to turn left on a red left arrow. But maybe not, I would not know.

  6. Best not disobey that refrigerator sign Dizzy, no tellin what the fine might be on that one.

  7. Regulations regulations and still more damned regulations... the world has become a very sad place... it's very bad down here but I for one aren't prepared to sit on my hands as you'll see...

  8. Hobo, yeah you better believe there would be a huge fine and possible punishment. But I always try to obey the law (year right).

    TFT, you are so right, even regulations have regulations. Glad you are not going to sit on your hands, too many people do just that. Anyway, your hands might go to sleep (grin).