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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wondering how I could have been that wrong.

I woke up this morning knowing that I made a big mistake. I must have been thinking about it subconsciously or how else would I know I made a mistake a couple of days ago the second I woke up this morning? This blog is to correct that mistake.

I want to apologize to David of the Terlingua or Bust blog posted on October 7th, for my completely incorrect comment about the planet he saw in the sunrise. This was my comment: “That is a planet and it is Jupiter. It is up all night, starting out in the east and setting in the west.” I could not have been more wrong. Yes, it is up all night and it does start out in the eastern sky and sets in the west. But it starts out in the east in the evening, not in the morning. It is that extremely bright star you can first see after the sun sets.

I must have been thinking backwards or maybe I was really dizzy, because I knew Jupiter was coming up in the east after sunset and would be setting in the west just after sunrise. I just got it turned around. Maybe I was looking in the wrong direction that morning or sometimes east is west and right is left and the reverse is forward, etc. Anyway, I can’t believe I was that stupid since I knew better. Guess I just wasn’t thinking.

OK, the only correct answer that I can think of, since Mercury and Venus are not visible at this time, is Saturn. It must have been Saturn. Now, this time, I looked it up just to be sure that I am right. Yep, it is Saturn. Sorry if I got anybody confused, as if you listen to me anyway (grin).

OK, off to the flea market again today. Now you all have a nice day, you hear?


  1. Now we can all sleep better -hope you do too.

    I certainly didn't know the right answer on the top of my head. It's gotten too easy to look everything up and nothing goes in meat memory.

  2. I heard it said by someone somewhere some time in my distant past. "The only people not making mistakes are the ones who don't do anything" And "Only the dead don't make mistakes, Any longer"

    Don't worry about your faux pas, if that's the only mistake you make, you're doing great! :-)

  3. No matter which one it is, it's beautiful isn't it.

  4. I totally understand...I think!

    You guys are just way too smart for me, I'm afraid!

    All I know is I sure do like looking at them!

  5. 6bears, my meat memory isn’t absorbing too much lately, in fact I think it is leaking. Glad you can get some sleep.

    Ben, well now that I have made my mistake, I guess I don’t need to worry anymore. I surely will not make another (grin).

    OF, you know, you might be right. When you get right down to the smallest thing, everything is made up of just some vibrating energy. . .

    Gypsy, the night sky is awesome, especially if you have access to a telescope or even just binoculars. In fact, all of nature is beautiful.

    HJ, no, I’m not smart, just interested in different things. I like looking at them, too.

  6. Don't worry about it Dizzy. The main thing is, we all got to see a nice picture of a planet, no matter which one it is.

  7. We bought a fancy telescope at a moving sale. Everytime we set it up..cloud cover sets in. That's PA for you, forever overcast!

  8. Hobo, "What, me worry?" Maybe I am just another Alfred E. Newman (grin)

    Jill, Be patient. Start with the moon, then move on to the planets and this winter to the Orion Nebula, and then to . . . . .