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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wondering what makes you cry.

What makes a person cry? I am sure that it is quite different for each person. Some cry from pain, some cry from bad news, some cry from good news, some cry from a loss, some cry from a gain, some cry at the drop of a hat, and some never cry at all. We are all different and I believe we all change through the years. This is a deep subject and I don’t want to get into it over my head, so I will not try to give you all the reasons people cry.

It just dawned on me that I have more a tendency to tear up at sad movies, TV shows, etc. than I used to. I hardly ever cried when I was young boy, but the older I got the more I cried, like when a teenager and the ups and downs of a love life. Of course maybe that is because my memory is not as good as it should be. Or maybe it was that when a boy is young, he wants to show how grown up he is. Strange isn’t it, now I am an old man and I tear up more than I did when I was a boy; not from pain but from emotions I guess. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, I ain’t one to cry over spilt milk or such, and I don’t cry like a baby or anything, but my eyes do tear up at sad movies. It seems that sad fiction seems to affect me more than real life.

What, if anything, makes you cry?

OK, off to the flea market. It is a beautiful cool morning here for a change, but will warm up real fast. At least it will stay under 100 but will get to the mid 90’s. You all have great day now, you hear?


  1. I've wondered about this crying thing myself. I think a lot of it is how we were raised. We were always told on the death of a family member for example, no need to be sniffling, he/she is in a better place now. HogWash!!

    Sometimes now I find myself sniffling at a scene in a movie, I guess relating it to an event in my life.
    I will say that at Mothers funeral services all us big ole boys were leaking like a broke dam when that one song was played.

    I will admit to crying in the past when one of my long time pets passed on. Hell, I'm tore up for days afterward.

  2. Tearing up is a sign that you are not dead yet.

  3. I haven't cried since I was a kid Dizzy. Though just the other day I got something in my eye at the same exact time 2 other people were crying. Funny, that coincidence happens to me now and then.

  4. The state and fate of this nation is enough to make me cry. (maybe if even caused by anger)

  5. I was trying to tear up every day, almost at the same time, and found out it can be ur sugar fluncuating. It was for no reason. BUT,,there can be good reasons too, all the above. Always told men,,,that it took a man to show his emotions. Besides, a good cry can lift loads off. So,,,get with it, yall. lol.

  6. Ben, it seems I have to wait, sometimes days, after a loved one dies to get tears. As far as pets go, I still tear up when I remember my Buttons.

    Oldfool, dang, I must be alive, then!!

    HoboJ, There is a lot of those “some-things” floating around in the air. Seems to affect a lot of people who don’t cry.

    David, that is sad but very true.

    Trouble, might have to try a good cry someday but for now I will just stick to the tearing up a bit now and then.

  7. It's Okay to cry . . . if you have a broken bone sticking out.

    However, "allergies" can catch up to me at the oddest times.

  8. 6bears, no, don't think I would cry with a bone sticking out but I, and most of us, have that allergy you are talking about.

  9. DD, I hate to cry in front of people so I tend to hold things in too long and then do exactly what I don't want to...break down, sobbing. It's really embarrassing. I don't mind crying alone but even as a woman it makes me feel weak to do so in front of people. I also hate to make people feel sorry for me, so that could have something to do with it.

  10. DofTX, It is said that real men don't cry and real men don't eat quiche. I tear up but hardley ever cry, but I do like spinich quiche.

  11. I like to cry - very cathartic - but I only get around to it twice a year or so. My father used to tear up easily all through his life.

    I've read that older men have more circulating estrogen than do older women, although how that applies to either of us escapes me. More estrogen = more tears, in general, so older women cry less and older men cry more. If you run across an older man or an older woman, they might be interested to hear this.

    ETA: Although, older women are known to be a lot crabbier about word verification than are older men.

  12. GL Duck, You know, you may have a point there. Of course at what age are we "old"?