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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wondering about my old guitar.

A few years ago, someone asked me the history of my guitar. I said I did not know, since I bought it for a hundred bucks off a friend of my son’s back over 20 years ago and it seemed well worn, no, I mean well played then. He got my interest up and at that time I did some research.

It is an Ovation, the model number is 1132-4 and the serial number is 064979. That is what I found on the guitar. So I will tell you what I found. First, I will list the numbers in the model number (1132-4) and tell you what each means:

1 - - The first digit is always a 1.

1 - - Acoustic Round Backs

3 - - Elite deep bowl

2 - - Deluxe Baladeer

4 - - Natural Color

The serial number (064979) places the manufacture date between Nov 1967 and July 1968.

Wow, it was made back just before Glen Campbell’s goodtime hour TV show where he made Ovation guitars famous. I enjoyed that show a lot. I wish my Ovation could talk and tell me who all owned it and who all played it and where all it has been. I guess I would just settle for it sounding good when I play it. Now that would be more a miracle than its talking!! I really like it and will never get rid of it. It holds a lot of memories, a lot of which are of my departed son.

You all have a good day now, you hear? I am hoping that today will be the last day over 100 for awhile. But who knows.


  1. That's interesting DD, I did not know guitars had model and serial numbers. Dad liked to play but he was not very good at it. When he passed away we gave his guitar to a photographer friend of his from Mexico so he could use as a prop in his studio.

    Hope if someone buys it one day the new owner at least knows my dad owned it.

  2. Them ovations are good for traveling too Dizzy, with that hard plastic body. Got a few guitars myself. On a side not, remember when you told me about zooming in to make the words bigger. I was reading another blog and your friend Ben had commented on there, to just hit, Ctrl and then the + sign. Dang, that has changed my life dramatically. you learn something new every day. Sorry that's so long.

  3. MsB, a guitar to some is just a tool, to others it is a personal friend, part of the family. Hope someone remembers it was your Dad's.

    HoboJ, Yep, I toke it on my last trip. I would buy another one, but can only play one at a time. I mean attempt to play.

  4. Don't ya wish you could hit "play" and get a replay of all the music it has played over the years? Good and Bad

  5. Ben, I sure do, and would like to see the video, too.