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Friday, September 9, 2011

Wondering why some people glow

Just sitting here this morning, thinking about all the dang problems I got to solve today. Knowing I am running out of time, cause I slept in until 07:00 this morning. Need to run to the hardware store to get a piece to repair something that I must have done wrong. Yea, I do make a mistake now and then. I think I remember making one like way back in . . . .

Did you ever hear someone say that a certain person just seemed to glow? I always used that term to describe a vibrant, fun loving optimist. But low and behold, do you know that some people actually glow? No, I don’t mean from radiation. I know that some days I sure don’t glow!!

Humans, like all other living things, are bioluminescent. Yes, we glow. Humans are the brightest during the afternoon, around our lips and cheeks. Well, that leaves me out. I am definitely not bright in the afternoon, at least not before my nap (grin). The cause of the glow may be chemical reactions involving molecular fragments known as free radicals. I like free stuff, don’t you? Not sure if I like radicals, unless they believe in my radical ideas.

You all go off and glow now, you hear?


  1. I haven't glowed in years but I know what you mean.

  2. Never seen a human bean "glow", well, there was the one time we swam in some luminous plankton once down in the South Pacific, And that ole buddy that worked at the nuclear power plant , he made a good night light! I always heard that pregnant women have a "glow". Beats me, those I avoid like the plague!! I been so sunburned I felt like I was glowing. And what's all this bout "free radicals" ? Well it is a free country so guess anything is possible

  3. I always wondered just where that say6ing came from! Now I know!

    As soon as I read this post, the old hit parade song "Glow, Little Glow Worm" by the Mills Brothers started running through my mind! I hate that!

    Now I'll have to go over to YouTube and see if I can find it!

  4. Oldfool, I guess I wasted the money on a new flash light. Now if I knew I glowed, wouldn’t need one. Oh, maybe still need one since we glow in the afternoon. Is that called “afternoon delight”?. . . .

    Ben, Dang, you glowed more than anybody I know, swimming with that luminous plankton and all. I know what you mean about a glowing sunburn. Just ask HoboJoe.

    HermitJim, Maybe we have been seeing it all along and didn’t know it. I like that song, and now I am singing it. I have seen glow worms and foxfire. I think I did a blog on foxfire.

  5. . . . and I always thought only women "in the family way" glowed.

  6. Sure do know what ya mean Dizzy. I was glowin' like a 100 watt bulb bout a week back. Now it's down to one a them 15 watt fluorescents. Sounds like Ben's been there too. What the hell I'm talkin bout, Ben's been.

  7. Sixbears, yes but they are now glowing for two, so they must be twice as bright. Of course if they were twice as bright they probably wouldn’t be “in the family way”. (grin)

    HoboJoe, you and your sunburn were glowing in the infra-red spectrum.