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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wondering about old fads.

I was just thinking about some of the fads that were going around when I was in school during the 50’s. I graduated high school in the spring of 1961. That, by the way, is one of the very few years that can be turned upside down and it will still read 1961. Don’t believe me, write it on a piece of paper and rotate the paper 180 degrees. The last time that could be done was 1691 and the next time will not be until 6119.

If you are as old as I am, I am sure you can remember the boys’ haircuts. The jocks had flat-tops and the cool cats had long greasy hair combed back into a DA. What about colors? Pink and black was where it was at, man. I even had a pair of black pants with inlaid pink stripes down the outside of each leg. No, I didn’t buy them; a neighbor gave them to me.

A little later Hush Puppies came along. They were a casual wear shoe line which is still in business today. I had a pair of slip-on loafers that were the brightest red you could imagine. No one had ever seen shoes that color and they became a trade mark of mine for a few years. I wonder if I still have them lying around some where. Heck, we never throw anything away (grin).

That is just a few of them. Which fads did you get caught up in when you were in school? Tell me about them. You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. I didn't have the duck tail hair cut but durn sure had the white buck shoes, with heel taps that looked like horse shoes. Had the black and red pin striped sports coat.
    What year was it that you could fold your steel tape measure back on it's self to your age and it would tell you what year you were born? That right?

  2. HEY,,i had a flat top with DA too! hahahaha, When the other girls tried to copy, didn't work, mine had the body to do it. Wore long feather earrings with it too.
    Penny loafers, levis u washed to shrink, put on flat on ur back to zip, then rolled up the legs.
    bobby socks. GOSH, where did all that come from? lol

  3. oops sry, didn't zip levis, buttoned em.

  4. I never went for fads except I did have a flat-top then later a DA. I also had white buck shoes which when "Blue Suede Shoes" was popular I dyed blue. There was also a pink sport coat. I was very dashing. I had a '48 Chevy lowered in the back with fender skirts then the following year a 49' Oldsmobile lowered in the front. White T shirt with "lucky strikes" rolled up in the sleeve then Cowboy boots and big belt buckles came along. Who me? Fads? Naaah

  5. I had the flat top but was not a jock and no DA. Most of the other fads were too expensive for this poor country boy.

  6. I remember most all of those, and if I could have sneaked it by my Dad I would have been right there with some of them!

    I did get crew cuts at the start of the Summer and then let it grow out until school started again...Butch Wax was my friend!

  7. Ben, I had those heel taps, too, but not on the red Hush Puppies. Don’t know about the tape, I would think it would read half of where you bent it to.

    Toruble, Oh yes, those penny loafers. Didn’t rich girls put nickels in them (grin). And bobby socks for the “sock hop”.

    Oldfool, I can see you didn’t go in for fads. . . sounds like some nice cars. I only had my Dad’s left over used Desoto. Good car, I quit driving it when I got a good job and bought my 1957 Chevy Convertible.

    Edifrey, I know what you mean about fads being expensive. I only had the red shoes, heel taps on another pair, and the pants that were given to me.

    HJ, I know what you mean about parents. Our neighbor had a bunch of kids and learned how to cut hair. Therefore, my Dad would take me over there every two weeks to get a “decent” trim. Now you know why I let my hair grow after I turned 65.