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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wondering about accidental inventions.

A lot of the inventions that helped change our world came about by accident. I have heard of many and I am sure there are a lot more. Good and bad things have been discovered by accident; some bringing wealth and fame to the ones who discovered them and to some, the oppostite. I remember reading about the lady who discovered X-rays. She discovered that the experiments she was conducting had exposed photo plates in the next room. Her discovery ended up killing her.

I would believe that the accidental discoveries outrank the ones discovered on purpose, but then too, I have been know to be wrong once or twice in my lifetime (grin). This is one site that lists nine of them: 9 Things Invented or Discovered by Accident

I just read about another “accident” that produced a wonderful product that came in handy not too long ago. This is not the article, but this article tells what the blue goop or goo or what ever (DeconGel) is: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/discoblog/2011/05/27/officials-use-blue-peelable-goo-to-decontaminate-japan/

The people who discovered this product were working on something entirely different. They were researching corneal implants. A careless lab technician accidently dribbled an experimental compound they were working with on the floor. After it dried, they peeled it off and found that part of the floor cleaner than they had ever seen it before. Accidently discovering this compounds ability to clean, they were smart enough to study it further and develop it into a supper cleaner. It was used for cleaning up the radioactive stuff at the damaged Japanese nuclear reactor.

Do you think they can make enough of this goo to clean up the whole world? Now, wouldn’t that be great!!

You all have a nice weekend, you hear?


  1. They could start with Washington and see how it did there!

    Sounds like pretty handy stuff, if you ask me! Have you ever used it?

  2. DD - reckon as quickly as they made it, someone, somewhere would probably be mucking up his part of the world just as quickly.

    It would appear that "we have too much - of everything - so who needs to take care of anything?" I mean, we all know that they have developed all the modern appliances in order to save us time, but where on this earth is that time saving visible? Who has actually gained - reckon only the appliance manufacturers... :(

    Such a sad state of affairs.

    You have a good weekend too :)

  3. HJ, I reckon it would take more than they could make to clean up D.C. and no, I have never used it, I bet it is mighty expensive.

    Dani, I am old enough to remember my Mom on wash days. She had a modern (for the time) washing machine with an aggitator and a wringer, along with two rinse tubs (1 hot & 1-cold). Would string the clothes line and hang everything out to dry. I was an all day affair.

  4. DD - LOL remember my mother doing that too. Now, I need one of those dang washers for the farm...

    And I agree with Hermit Jim - ALL the governments need a bloody good clean out - they're all the same. Dirty, corrupt and out of touch with their electorate.

    Is the average man the only one who is normal / aware of his fellow man / content without having to be mega wealthy?

    Hmm, not normal for me to be so negative - sorry. Don't know where it's come from... LOL

  5. Wasn't Teflon another of those "accidental" inventions as well?

  6. Dani, if people don't see or try to correct the negative things they see aroung them, then nothing will get better.

    Ben, Yes it was discovered by accident back in 1938 but was not put in practical use for some time.