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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wondering what that wet stuff is.

It rained, it actually rained!!!!! I can’t believe it. Last evening some light showers moved through here and we got a whole quarter of an inch of rain. I was so happy. Then this morning about 05:30 a thunderstorm hit here with some hard rain and we are still getting a light rain with thunder in the distance. It looks like it may continue for awhile. So far, we have received an inch of the wet stuff. This has answered a lot of prayers, for sure. It is probably way too late to save a lot of things, but it will sure do a lot of good for what is left alive.

For some reason, the big high pressure dome moved a little bit to the west allowing some rain to get to us. It may move back, but till then we may be getting more rain. The weather man says that the computer programs did not predict this rain and that is why it was not in the forecast. Glad to know that Mother Nature out smarted their computers.

It is only 75 degrees right now, so maybe it will stay under a hundred if the clouds and rain stick around for the rest of the day. I can’t remember a day that it didn’t go over 100. It has been way over a month or so. Even if that doesn’t happen, I am ecstatic that we finally got some rain. Maybe this broke the cycle. Let us hope so. We need a lot more rain. We normally get 40” or so of rain a year. We are about at least three feet shy of that mark and only have four months to go in this year. Who knows, maybe we will have floods the rest of the year. Texas is known for its extremes.

I am real thankful for what we got and are getting. Hope the rest of the drought ravaged areas get some rain soon.

You all have a good day, I am already having a good day.


  1. Does that mean you are about to have flooding next? Texas seems to go from one extreme to the other.

  2. Alright!!! The rain dance DID work. Yahoo!!!

  3. Sixbears, very well could be. A tropical storm would do it.

    Sharon, yes the rain dance worked. The weather man didn't know it was coming but my wife's joints did (grin).

  4. Dizzy, Dizzy,, SON, put down the crack pipe and get back to reality.. You know dammed good and well you didn't get no rain maybe your water pump blew a gasket.. But RAIN? Naw.. Don't believe it!!!

  5. Ha, and I thought I was the only one what got rained in. I hadn't been in camp for an hour last night and here it come da rain.....little biddy kiddie beach buckets full. Then I got to think'n, how much rain is it gonna take to fill this lake back up. Then this morning....more rain.

  6. I got some of that rain here as well! My poor cat didn't remember what it was for a bit!

    Heck, I didn't remember what it was!

    Hope it stays for a while...!

  7. Is it soaking into the ground, or is a lot of it running off? I hope the drought has finally broken.

  8. Ben, maybe I was hallucinating, a few hours after the last drop fell you couldn’t tell it rained at all.

    BB, It is going to take a lot more rain to fill the lakes up.

    HJ, My dogs didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do. Even went out and stood in it for a minute to remind myself what it felt like.

    Gypsy, it soaked right in so fast it didn’t have a chance to leave puddles except in my drive-way. Like I said above, you would never know it rained a few hours after it quit. We need a lot more rain to break the drought, but hope this may be a start. It is suppose to get up to 106 or more this weekend. We are breaking all the records.

  9. Here in Odessa thunder heads built and then the sky turned BROWN. One of the infamous west Texas sand storms. About an our later it started to rain and cleared out the sand. Maybe a tenth of an inch of rain or maybe 2 tenths with the mud in it.

  10. David, I got caught in a a couple of sand-dust storms in Arizona, one really bad one with high winds. That dust gets into everything.

  11. The secret of a successful rain dance: Timing, Timing, Timing.