Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wondering about the drought

Since it is Saturday, I am going to cheat a little and just post one of the daily poems that I write to put in the cards my wife makes to send to my Aunt in the nursing home in Pennsylvania. Remember now, that I mass produce these (five a week) so my poetry is not very good. I just wanted to post this because it explains just how dry it is in this area. We are down over 30 inches of rain so far and still no relief in sight.

OK, here is the poem for what it is worth:

It is so very dry!!

It is so very dry here it is hard to believe
Such a sad situation, we all need to grieve.

Plants and animals are dying off, it’s such a shame
It is a terrible drought with no one to blame.

It’s so dry, writing with ink you don’t need a blotter.
And restaurants are not allowed to serve water,

Unless the patron specifically asks for a glass.
And what used to be pretty lawns now have no grass.

So if you find dust in this card, don’t be too surprised
Down here, a well with good water is really prized.

We drove through lots and lots of rain on our way back home
Just to find in Texas a large, dry hot air dome.

If we get too dry and thirsty, may come to your door.
For a large glass of water, maybe two or more.

You all have a good weekend now, you hear?


  1. You're a poet
    Just didn't know it
    but your feet show it
    They're long fellows.

  2. It's no small task to write doggerel five days a week! So, I say bravo! :oD

  3. Now Ben, my feet ain't that big. . .

    GL Duck, If you think this one is bad you ought to read some of my other ones. Some are a lot worse and some are better. I have even written one or two that could be classified as poetry (grin).

  4. Now I've an image of Dizzy toiling away in the Poetry Sweatshop. You've got to do a set number of couplets per shift or the boss gets angry.

  5. Sixbears, it is actually fun. My Aunt in the nursing home gives us the excuse to "waste" time in an artsy sort of way, making cards, painting them, and writing silly verses for them.