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Monday, August 22, 2011

Wondering about catching a catfish.

I was reading Billy Bob’s Travels yesterday about him catching a big ole catfish on a spinning lure being trolled behind his bubba-boat. Here is a link to that sight: http://billybobsplace.blogspot.com/2011/08/yo-billy-bobare-ya-tired-yet.html
Well, let me tell you it ain’t as rare as you might think. I had almost the same thing happen, except I was not trolling. My buddy and I were fishing the rocks at the dam on Lake Conroe one time. I had on a Rapala lure and was trying to entice some huge lunker bass out of the rocks and deep water by casting up against a rock and retrieving it back to the boat. My buddy and I didn’t usually fish this area, but were not having any luck that day and we decided that it may be productive.

Just as I was starting to wonder if all the fish had been mysteriously taken out of the lake by a shimmering beam of light from a flying saucer (a fisherman has to have some good excuses for not catching anything), I got a big hit. I set the hooks and the fight started. I told my buddy that I had a big bass on and maybe we would need the net. It fought real hard, running this way and that and diving deep and coming up and flashing near the surface. Wow, it got my heart going and really expected to bring in a hog bass. Nope, it was a channel catfish.

As far as catfish go, they are the prettiest. If you cut their head off, they look like a trout. . . well, almost. Here is a picture of a typical channel catfish, you can judge for yourself:
This has me itching to go a fishing.  Maybe I should go purchase my fishing license.  Of course, where the heck would I find any water to fish in?  All the lakes are low or dried up, except the one that Billy-Bob is fishing on.  In this 100 plus degree heat, maybe it is better just to sit in the AC and dream about fishing.  What do you think?


  1. I think I will go find a cool spot to camp.

  2. About those fishing stories,, you know the first lair aint' got a change. ;-0
    BUT if you can prove it with a picture of the actual fish, your chances go way up!

  3. I say you hitch up your motorhome, and make for the lakes and streams of the northern country. I would love to go to Idaho about this time.

  4. Now how was I to know that catfish will eat a lure go'n through the water a hunnert mile a hour? I don't fish for catfish so don't ask me how to catch one. As for tell'n a "fish story" bout catch'n a fish, some people don't have to lie. Their word is good as gold, photo or not.

  5. Barney, now where are you going to find a cool place to camp, unless you get above 7,000 feet?

    Now Ben, you don’t think that I would stretch any thing, especially the length and the weight of a fish I caught? I need to get me one of those yard sticks that are half the normal size but are still divided into 36 spaces.

    Grant, that sounds like a good idea, but right now there are some things holding me in this area for awhile. What is it like up your way?

    Billy Bob, Yep I am with you. I never ever thought that I would catch a catfish, since I only fish for bass. And hey, my word is good as gold, too, and the value keeps going up.

  6. If BBob keeps up with the fish stories, there soon will not be room in the campground for me with all those huge fish lying around waiting to be filleted. Since he has caught two fish and I caught one he must be twice the fisherman I am.

  7. Barney, you mean the lake level has dropped a few feet since BB took out so many fish? Dang, that is a bunch. Now remember, we were taught to respect our elders (grin).

  8. The fish will be there next month when it's cooler. I guess for a channel cat you need a channel!

  9. Fran, no, you just dip the lure in Chanel #5 (grin)