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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Remembering my wanderings – Part 6

It was time to start heading home, but we were in no hurry and we really didn’t want to go back the way we came.  Those terrible rough roads in Indiana and Ohio just about shook us apart and anyway I wanted to see some scenery instead of mostly flat farm land.  Illinois was the only state that had some good scenery and just a few spots in other states.  I decided to go home the long way around down through West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and back into East Texas.  So we started out.  Didn’t go far the first day and stayed in an RV park in Pennsylvania that was located along a pretty creek:

It was nicely wooded with large camping spots:


But the next morning we woke up to rain.  For all of you who live in Texas and are trying to survive the drought and don’t remember what rain is, I took some pictures of it for you:

Just for your information, we drove through lots of rain, some really heavy, between Pennsylvania and Texas, but just as soon as we crossed the Texas line, the rain abruptly stopped.



We went around the east side of Pittsburgh, trying to stay away from the worst of the urban areas. I personally do not like cities. Villages are OK and small towns are passable, but cities I can’t stand. Doesn’t the view out my side window look better than tall buildings?

We saw lots of wind turbine blades on trucks in south western Pennsylvania and north eastern West Virginia.  We never seemed to have the camera available when one was spotted.  This is the best picture that we got and it only shows part of it.  They are a lot longer than the ones one the turbines here in Texas.

We actually spotted some wind turbines on a hill:

Did you see them?  If not, here is a cropped and enlarged view:


Continuing on I-79 somewhere in southwest PA or eastern WV.

And a typical hill-side farm:

And three crosses on a hill.  We see these same exact type crosses all across the country.

And just to be mean to my fellow Texans, I am going to leave you with this last picture of one of the many rain storms we passed through.  This one was in the mountains of West Virginia.


More to come, and I hope I am not boring you.  You all have great day now, you hear?  We are off to the flea market.


  1. I feel the same way you do about big cities. No thank you very much. Good choice on your return path. Glad it was a safe trip and that you connected with a lot of people.

  2. Now I know your lieing.. You didn't see no rain, you just used your water hose from the house and sprayed all that water on the window!! :-)

  3. Sixbears, it was a good choice. Although we ran into a lot of rain, there were lots of space in between them.

    Ben, yea, you got me. I have this real long hose that reaches from my place to West Virginia (grin). I know that most of us Texans forgot what rain really looks like. I did. . .