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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I am just so brain dead.

Wow, I actually slept in some this morning; didn’t get up until 07:00. I read blogs and commented on some. But this morning, I am just so brain dead that I can’t think of good subject to write about. I was just not going to post a blog, but didn’t want anyone to worry about me. I know if some of you that post daily skip a day, I worry about you.

Yesterday it got up to 103 again here with no rain. They are putting restrictions on watering your lawn. Heck, that don’t matter here, all my grass has dried up and gone. I see rabbits looking all over the place for something to chew on. I really feel bad about all the wild-live and native plants and trees that are affected. We are now in our tenth month without rain. Actually, we got half an inch back in the winter, but a half inch is not even a drop in the bucket when you consider that we normally get three feet by now.

Sorry for such an un-interesting post today. Of course I post a lot of non-interesting blogs. I have not been doing anything interesting lately. The only outing we get is a trip to the post office to mail a card to my aunt and to get our mail.

You all have a good day and do something special for me, OK?


  1. Well Dizzy, old Billy Bob know exactly what you talk'n bout be'n brain dead. My boring posts is cost'n me my followers and that like los'n a favorite pet.
    But fear not, anything you write about is good read'n for me.

  2. Tell us what you think about ol' slick Rick perry wanting to be the Decider.

  3. Dang Dizzy,I feel for ya! A lot of my favorite bloggers are in Texas,we are all having a heck of a summer,here in Indy we have finally gotten reprieve!103 whew,praying for you'all in Tx.By the way I really like the painting!


  4. Billy Bob, I don't think your posts are boring. In fact I look forward to reading them. You are a gifted writer and enjoy your style.

    Frann, Kinky Friedman may be a better choice, but of all those running maybe ole boy Rick can shake things up.

    Thanks China. Been through your town a lot and had a friend who lived there. He now lives in Florida but is visiting Indy at this time.

  5. Kinky Friedman, what a thought! That would be interesting anyway.

    Sun just came out today after raining about 1 and 3/4 inches. Just enough to give the gardens a boost. Nice soaking rain.

    My wife has relatives in TX and they haven't had a break. When you do get rain, just hope it's not all at once and floods.

  6. Sixbears, Kinky ran for governor here and his slogan was "don't re-elect anyone, not even me". One term is enough for any one to serve. Give others a chance. (grin) RAIN!! If I hadn't gone on that trip I would have forgotten what it looked like. Just give us some rain, any way it comes will be OK with me.

  7. I sure hope you all get some rain soon. It will take a long time to catch up.

    I used to read Kinky Friedman's books, but after a while they are only disgusting and not even funny any more. (That's just my opinion).

  8. Gypsy, I didn't know he wrote books, thought that he was just a musician. I know he has a ranch dedicated to help homeless animals.

  9. You Can Lead a Politician to Water, but You Can't Make Him Think: Ten Commandments for Texas Politics
    This is the title of one of Kinky's books..LOL