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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wondering about guitars, etc.

In a recent blog I told you about the old Gibson I had the privilege to hold in my hands. It was the one that my Uncle bought back in the 1930’s and his eldest son now has it. I failed to get a picture of it at the time but my cousin was kind enough to take a couple of pictures and send them to me. He had put new strings on it before he brought it to the reunion and I used my electronic tuner on it and got it tuned perfectly. He said that it is still in tune.

Here is a picture of the body of the old Gibson:
The next picture is of my cousin holding his Dad’s old Gibson:

And remember the picture of his Dad with the same guitar?

Did you check out his footwear? Pretty sharp, that must have been what he wore when he played in his small band.

OK, since I had never taken a picture of my Ovation, I did so last night.  It is an old one, but not near as old as my cousin’s Gibson.

Twenty or twenty five years ago, I bought that Ovation used from a friend of my eldest son, who had bought it off someone else, etc, etc. Therefore, I do not know the history of it other than it had been played a lot but was good condition. I sure have enjoyed it and wouldn’t give it up.

The picture of the painting I had attempted of the misty forest at sunrise was painted using a photo out of a book as reference. I would glance at the photo from time to time to see what I had missed. I didn’t try to replicate it in its entirety, but just tried to paint something that looked close to it. Here is the photo out of the book:

As you can see, I didn’t get it all that close. Compare it with my painting that I posted in yesterday’s blog.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Pretty neat, holding and playing that ole Gibson. Sort of like holding history.
    About your Ovation , can you find the serial number and write to the company and at least find out when it was made? I know it's got a great tone from hearing it picked while you were here.
    ( wannta see that short video I did ? :-) )

  2. Old cars and guitars warms the hearts of a man faster that a bikini clad chick on the beach. Although they both run bout neck an' neck. Two of my sons both have expensive guitars, but they took after their daddy, can't play worth a plug nickel. But they try, beat'n out cords....that what counts.

  3. Ben, it sure was neat holding the Gibson. Wish I had a picture of me doing so. - I did check the Ovation awhile back. I don't remember anything so will have to do it again. Must not have been anything special, but it is to me.

    BB, Guitars and bikini clad chick both have somewhat the same shape, right? Of course I can hold and pluck the one without getting into trouble (grin).