Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wondering – I got heeled.

Well it was time, my old boots were just getting good and broke in and the dang heels got worn way down. The nails were coming through and I figured that it wouldn’t be too long until I would lose one and I didn’t want to feel like a heel for completely loosing my heel, but my boot will not heal itself. Loosing one’s heel isn’t as bad as loosing your soul or sole. I lost a sole once while fishing, it got off the hook somehow. It must have been the sole sole in that area of the ocean. Or maybe it was the sole survivor of a better fisherman than I was. Now I still didn’t want to loose my heel, because it would make me heel over a bit to the side.

OK, I am getting confused. So I am going to look the word sole and the word heel up in the dictionary. Be right back. . .

OK, it took up a half a page. There are many different meanings and it looks like I just scratched the surface. Again, I must say as I have in the past, “Don’t you just love the English language?”

Have a good day and don’t feel like a heel if you didn’t like my posting.


  1. Are you well heeled? That would certainly heal the old bank account.

    Anyway . . . yep, English is mess. Thanks for the entertainment this morning.

  2. Sixbears, no I am not and in a year and a half when I turn 70 I have to start cashing in my 401K, so I hope the stock market comes back by then.

  3. So are you going to replace the heel or just get balanced and replace both heels? Maybe spring for a new pair of boots!

    Way too many decisions to ponder this morning!

  4. HJ, Actually, I replaced both heels. I also looked at a new pair of boots, may stop in their in a day or two and get a new pair. But then I would have to break them in.