Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Remembering the end of my wandering.

We left off yesterday in a heavy rain in West Virginia.  These storms that we drove through were very heavy but small enough that we would drive out of them in a short time, but while in them it was hard to see the road in front of you.  A few miles on down the road (actually it was up and down and up and down) it was completely dry.
And still going up.
Here we are crossing the Kanawha River in Charleston, WV.
We stayed at a KOA located on
Foxfire Road
near Huntington,
Going through Kentucky and getting near where they hold the Kentucky Derby you see a lot of horse ranches.
And I think that this may be an entrance to the Derby track, don’t know for sure.
And of course a castle; don’t most people have one of these?
Back out on the open road and still in the hills.
We spent the next night at a KOA at Horse Cave which is near to Mammoth Cave National Park.  When leaving, my wife took a picture of this old barn.
Passing through Nashville, we got a few pictures of it and here is a skyline view.
We spent the next night just southwest of Birmingham/Bessemer area in a campground behind a Loves truck stop in a little town of McCalla, Alabama.  Headed west on I-20 and wouldn’t you know it, ran into rain again.
The less expensive place that we stayed was one of the nicest and well kept RV parks.  The reason it was so inexpensive was that it was part of hotel, riverboat gambling complex and they figured (wrongly) that we would go spend a lot of money gambling.  Here is picture of part of the RV park.
Pulled out of the campground, made a left turn and then a right turn onto the bridge crossing the old Mississippi River.
After driving through another state we finally got back to Texas.

We decided to stay one more night before going home.  We stopped at a small RV park off route 59 that turned out to be a really nice .

And of course there had to be a souvenir and antique place right across the road from the RV park entrance.  Somehow we managed to turn left toward Cut & Shoot and didn’t stop.

We really enjoyed the trip and taking it slow and easy made it a restful trip, also.

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Oddly enough I've driven a LOT of that last stretch. Even got a picture of that Castle. At the time I was there, it had a for sale sign on it.
    Glad you back home with a nice clean MH from all the rain.

  2. Guess that put the "Wandering" back in your blog title. Nice to wander and nice to come back home.

  3. Ben, too bad you didn't buy the castle, we could have stopped for a visit. BTW we went past the Corvet plant and the Mercedes Benz Plant

    Sixbears, maybe I will just do some wondering for a while and wander later when it cools off.

  4. Sounds like you had a real good trip, my friend!

    Wish you had brought some of that rain back with you!

    Welcome home and thanks for sharing some more of your trip!

  5. HJ, we sure did have a good trip. I really tried to bring home some rain. It followed me all the way to the Texas border. Thank you for your comments.