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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wondering how hot it will get.

Hurricane Irene over there on the east coast is affecting us here in east Texas.  How, you say?  Well, it seems that it is causing some hot, dry wind to blow in here.  As you all know, I live in Cut and Shoot, which is north of Houston.  It always seems to be a couple of degrees warmer here than the official temperature at Houston’s big airport.  How hot is it going to get here today?  The weathermen are predicting 107 to 110 up my way and in Houston:

Therefore, I am going to keep this blog post short so we can get to the flea market early before the heat gets unbearable. I know that I shouldn’t, (and I am not going to) complain about the heat when some people are getting battered by Irene. The last hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. was Ike, and I remember it well. Still can show you damage from it on my place. There are almost always tornadoes that spin off hurricanes and I believe that most of the damage on my property was caused by a tornado.

I hope all you who live on the east coast take all the precautions necessary to keep you and your family safe. Evacuate all the low areas. My property is not low but I left. My son and grandson stuck it out and wished they hadn’t.

Good luck to all in Irene’s path.


  1. That's hotter than the hinges of hell!

    We'll have a day of crappy weather here, but at 1300 feet elevation, flooding isn't a problem. We have taken precautions for being cut off (trees down) and grid out. Today we make a trip into town to fill the wife's prescriptions.

    Wish I could send you some of the water we are about to get here.

  2. Sixbears, I sure could use some of that water. Now I hear that they predict that this drough will last through the winter. The winter is our wet season.