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Friday, August 26, 2011

A good visit with a friend.

I told you before about the lady that we met at the flea market just up the road from us who was just visiting her son here in Texas but lived just a couple of miles from my Aunt in Pennsylvania. It is a small world. I also posted a picture on one of my blogs of her and her husband when we visited them during our trip to Pennsylvania. Remember that blog:
Well, she is back down here in Texas for week or so and we spent most of the day with her yesterday. Took her around to a few shops, stopped back at our place and had a good visit, then took her to her son’s house in time for her grandkids to come home from school. She has the cutest grandkids, a little girl just starting out in school and a boy who is a few years older. They are both smart and talented. Real nice kids and I get a kick out of them.

Yesterday was the coolest day we have had for the last few months. It actually stayed under 100 degrees, but that will not last long. Be back up over 100 today and they are predicting 106 for the weekend. I guess I should not complain, knowing what is going to happen to the east coast of the USA. That is a big storm they got heading their way,.

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Always nice to visit with good people. Keeping an eye on the storm. Might have company from my daughter and her family. They pretty near the coast, near Boston.

  2. Water does the most damage and takes the most lives. Everyone thinks of the high wind but the storm surge is much more dangerous. If she lives near the coast, she is doing the right thing.

  3. Have you caught the skunk yet? glad you got some rain. while we were in NM & AZ last month it was so dry and the Grand Canyon area felt like a tinder box, made you feel uneasy. My aunt lives very near your visitor from Greenville, right next door in Jamestown. It is a small world.

  4. Jill, no, I got skunked on the skunk catching (grin). My vititor actually lives closer to Jamestown, in fact has a Jamestown address. It is a small world.