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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wondering about my coffee.

I like coffee and I love good strong coffee. My wife and I are opposites when it comes to coffee. She likes her coffee weak, at least to my standards. Of course, not too many people like coffee as strong as I do. The only reason I don’t order espresso is that they serve it in such a small cup and if you order 7 or 8 of them it goes over my budget.

I usually buy 100% Columbian ground and roasted coffee. I used to grind my own, but I am getting lazy. Went grocery shopping yesterday and they were out of my coffee!! I have enough for awhile, but not for too long. May have to ration it, or worse, drink regular coffee. I keep a jar of instant coffee, Kava, around to add to the regular coffee my wife makes if I don’t want to take the time to do my own. Makes a pretty good cup of coffee.

When we are on the road in the RV, we make coffee two ways. The first is coffee bags. They are just like tea bags only have coffee in them. Quick, easy, and no mess when you are going down the road or at a quick stay at a rest stop. Boil water, pour into a cup, and put a bag in the cup; two in mine. When I have time, I make my Columbian by the drip method. We have these funnel shaped things that fit over the top of a coffee cup and a coffee filter fits into them. Just put in the desired amount of your favorite coffee, pour in some boiling water a little bit at a time until the cup is as full as you want, and presto, you have coffee. In fact I use that method at home for my good, strong coffee.

I usually put four to six spoonfuls of ground coffee into the funnel’s filter, depending on the size of the cup. Sometimes, not often but just when I want something a little different, I add a spoonful of French Vanilla coffee to my Columbian. Now that makes a special rich tasting cup of Joe.

OK, now I want a good cup of coffee. Going to make a good strong cup and sip on it as I read some more blogs. Tell me what coffee you like the best, what strength, and how you make it. You all have a great day now and sit back with a cup now and then.


  1. My uncle in Beaumont TX used to make his in a percolater each morning for the next day. A double measure of Seaport coffee went in the basket. Then it percs over the next 24 hours. Then he put the coffee in a thermos and started the next days coffee all over.

  2. I also like my coffee strong. I've had friends add water their coffee that I made. I use either French Roast, Expresso or Columbian. Whole beans, ground for each cup. I've been using French Vanilla cream lately. Makes a good, strong cuppa. It is my last vice, gave up drinking, smoking, and....anyhow, its my last vice.

  3. When I met Ann , every morning She'd grind her own beans. Best homemade coffee ever. Over the years we tried a lot of different beans from different countries. One of the best was in Jamaica, Blue Mountain, think you can get the beans here now.
    My Doctor told me to drink coffee each morning to help alleviate my migraine headaches.

    Now days with just me it's WOS,, What's On Sale!

  4. Diz~I agree 100%! I use Colombian and fill Mr Coffee's tub as full as it will get. The result gets a little raw sugar, 2 teaspoon's of cocoa and a dash of french vanilla creamer.(without those additives, it would be too bitter and not resemble Star Buck's).

  5. We drink the cheapest brand that still tastes okay. Our preference might be Gimme! Coffee, or something organic, fair-trade, shade-grown that they might sell in WalMart. I love a good paradox.

    Stove-top percolator.

  6. One bag of coffee in a 42oz jar of room temp water.
    Let sit for 24 hours.
    Drain through filter = coffee syrup.
    One oz in 8 oz cup add warm water.
    Can be made strong or week but taste the same.
    One oz in tall glass over ice. Add sweetener= the best iced coffee you've ever had.
    I prefer arabica, dark roasted and fresh ground but I'll take anything I can get.
    I have a Toddy Cold Brew pot to make this. One bag coffee makes between 30 and 40 cups. I'm averaging 32 cups now.
    I have an old fashioned drip pot, a French press, a Melita filter and SWMBO has an electric percolator. Newfangled junk makes lousy coffee but I CAN drink it. I can make drinkable coffee in a tin can but it's not what I prefer.
    One thing about this part of Louisiana you can get a drinkable cup of coffee almost anywhere.

  7. Barney, dang wouldn’t the pot go dry after 24 hours. But I bet the syrup in the bottom was goooood.

    Sharon, you’re are like me, no more tobacco or alcohol, just good strong coffee (and of course a few bites of 70% dark chocolate.

    Ben, I have heard that Blue Mountain is the best but have never had it. I don’t see it anymore, but I don’t go to the fancy shops in Houston anymore.

    Michael, sounds good to me, maybe without the sugar.

    GL Duck, any coffee can be made to taste better to me just by making it stronger. I buy my coffee at Wal-Mart.

    Oldfool, I will have to try your recipe, it sounds good to me. That way you can add it to anything and at any strength.

  8. Columbian my fave, too. But, sometimes i have to "settle" for others. Then,,,add more coffee. lol Folgers, dark.
    How did we get into this???,,,hahahaha,,,
    Think i cured my posting prob.,,,

  9. Columbian when I can get it. I usually make enough each time I make it to last two days. On rare occasions I save my last cup of the day for a special treat by adding a packet of Nestles hot coco mix with mini marshmallows in it and sprinkle some cinnamon in it. Sure makes it good! No other hot coco mix will even come close.

  10. I buy organic beans at Costco and usually mix a regular grind with hazelnut flavored. I don't like strong or weak coffee, but like Baby Bear, prefer it "just right". I used the coffee bags when I was backpacking on the Appalachian Trail and they sufficed, but barely. I never use sugar in my coffee, but enjoy a good dose of half & half in it. Coffee is one of the most enjoyable drinks in the world, but it is a sociable drink and is so much better if you are enjoying it with another person.

  11. Trouble, Yep I don’t always get what I like best, but any coffee is better than no coffee. Glad you got your posting problems cured, I told you it was not my fault (grin).

    David, Wow that sounds good. That would give you a tingle for sure. You know, coffee relaxes me. Does that mean that there is something wrong with me?

    Gypsy, I need to go back to grinding my own. It seemed to taste better but was a lot more trouble. The bags are good for traveling when you don’t have time to “do it right”, so to speak. I can drink coffee with or without somebody else. . . but do enjoy it with someone.

  12. Folgers Supreme, French roast dark, or Black silk any of these as long as it has the indicator arrow pegged in the 'Dark' section. I use a Quisinart Filter Brew coffee maker. 1 Overfilled scoop for each cup, minus 1. So 8 cups of water gets 7 scoops of coffee.

  13. due to my husband not sleeping well at night we are drinking Foldgers 1/2 caff. I have to say the price of coffee has me thinking cutting back may be better. But I do love strong coffee from a drip machine. And since you can't smoke anywhere nor drink on the job....good cup of coffee is important!
    have a great day!

    ( I have never smoked and hardly drink..just didn't want to sound dull...and I wonder why my 10 year old is a drama queen)

  14. Ernest, sounds like you got the formula worked out. Me, I would go 1.5 or maybe 2 times the amoung of coffee grounds. I don't drink as much as I use to, so got to make it up on what I do drink (grin).

    Jill, I think it is getting to the place where we should trade in all our gold on coffee beans. Some of the rarer beans are worth their weight in gold. . . well, almost.

  15. Gotta go with some good, strong Arabaca! A little sweetener, like honey, and I'm good for a while!

    I will drink others, but like it made double strength when I do!

  16. HJ, I am with you on the double strength, but I have not learned to drink coffee that has been sweetened.