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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wondering about an old Gibson

I mentioned in one of my blogs when I was on my last trip that my cousin was bringing the old Gibson guitar that his Dad had played way back in the 1930’s. My uncle and some other musicians put together a group and played at a lot of events and dances. I told you that I was in awe to just hold it, but I even got to play it some. What a thrill. I do have to admit that my Ovation is easier to play or maybe it is just that I am used to it. The old Gibson had a unique, smooth tone. It is a treasure from the past and what makes it even more special, it has been in the family since it was purchased new.

I was so in awe of this beautiful sounding and beautiful looking piece of history that I plumb forgot to get a picture of it. I wanted to have a picture of my cousin playing it to put on this blog, but at this time, I do not have one.

I do, however, have some old pictures. I couldn’t find all the ones that I had, so my cousin was kind enough to send some of his to me. This first one is my Uncle standing on the railroad tracks holding the Gibson with the Allegheny River in the background:

And here is one where he allowed his sister (my aunt), to hold it.  As far as I remember, she never played the guitar, but I was not alive back then so do not know for sure.

It is always nice to have a little bit of history about your family in a form that you can touch, feel, and even play. That was a big thrill for me and I want to thank my cousin for going to all the trouble of bringing it up from Virginia to the reunion in Pennsylvania. I really did enjoy it.

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Watch it Dizzy. If you aren't careful, you become a guitar collector. I barely play and already have a couple. Of course, I'm sure you'd never pass up the chance to get an instrument with that kind of history.

  2. Your Uncle holding that guitar on the tracks could be on the front of a Johnny Cash Album.

    Maybe you should offer to " keep it safe" for your cousin . Store it there in your den and learn to pick a few chords on it. :-)

  3. How cool is that. It means so much to be able to connect to family history. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You lucky devil. I was never able to pick up the talent to play a guitar, but I have had many....never a Gibson though. My grandpa taught me how to play the "Spanish Fandango" when I was 12. You talk bout some finger movement.....whoa!!!
    Like the pics on the railroad tracks....very nice.

  5. Sixbears, my cousin is keeping it for now, since it was his Dad's. I tuned it for him (I got one of those electronic tuners) and he let me play it awhile.

    Ben, Yes that would have been a good picture for a Johnny Cash album. I think that that guitar is going to stay in my cousins family line, as it should.

    Sharon, Yes, that was cool. I really enjoyed getting to see it and play it.

    BB, I want to hear you play the "Spanish Fandango". You can use my Ovation. I am not a good player but just enjoy sitting around and playing on it. I finger pick only, don't use picks, juist finger nails. . .

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love old pictures, even if I don't know who's in the picture. But when you can put a name to the person it's so much better. And yes, I am in your mother-in-laws old neighborhood.
    I too stopped in Gallop but we didn't go far off the interstate. We stopped to eat. While we were eating a white van pulled up outside the resturant and dropped off all the drunks who had be picked up the night before. The men exiting the van looked unsteady...so I had to ask someone what it was all about. In my mind they had been releasted from a shadey experimental hospital and who knows what had happened to them. That was my experience in Gallop AZ.

  7. Jill, those pictures were taken in a small railroad town just down river from East Brady. Its name is Phillipston and that is where my maternal grandparnts lived. My paternal grandparents lived in Foxburg, that was a ways up river.

  8. Holding a beautiful guitar is like holding a beautiful woman. Sometimes I don't know which I prefer...

  9. Keith, yes they both have nice curves!! My Ovation even has curbes on the back-side. . .