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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wondering About the Finished Painting

A couple of days ago, Sunday to be exact, I posted a blog with three of my latest paintings shown on it, two completed and the last one with just the background first coat. I told you that I would post the finished painting later, after it was done and dried enough to put in the scanner.

I am now wondering what you all think of this one, now that it is done. I call it “Arizona Desert in the Gloaming”.

I don’t think that I will paint anymore for awhile. I just paint in short spurts, two or three paintings and then it seems that I can’t find the time to do it or just don’t have any ideas. I am much better at sketching and drawing with pencils, but for some reason, I really enjoy painting; or should I say trying to learn to paint. I much prefer oil paint, but my wife can’t stand the smell of them in the house. Oil paintings are the easiest, acrylics are next, and water colors are the hardest. They all take a special technique and I suppose this list would be in a different order for different folks.

Tell me what you think of the finished painting and also tell me which painting medium you think is the hardest. Give me your list.

Now you all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. DD, I think it looks great. Been too long since I did any painting so I don't remember which I used, but I think both oil and acrylic. I don't like water color at all! Don't remember which I liked best either although it seemed like the oil took for ever to dry. Hay... Its been 40 or more years since I done it and my memory ain't what it used to be. Getting my brains scrambled a few times since then didn't help either. ;)

  2. I like it quite a lot. For me, the hardest is oil, and the easiest is latex. The latex washes out of my hair easier.

  3. Thanks David. Yes, oil not only smells up the house but it does take for ever to dry.

    Thanks GoodLuckDuck. Actually for me, all kinds of painting is hard. This last painting is one of the only ones that came out like I wanted it to. I will have try latex, I keep getting my beard and long hair in the paint. I guess you can get it in half pints. . .

  4. I love the bold colors. I also have a soft spot for red. Painting does take a lot of focus, I need breaks too. I'm with your wife on oil paints. Last month I a took a few watercolor classes. Mainly you need high end paints and paper. The colors are fab and using cold press cotton paper is where it's at. You can lift color off cotton paper. With these few class I improved greatly.
    The paintings on my blog right now are listed in order, Acrylic, watercolor, acrylic, watercolor. not sure which I like better. I usually base the choice on the image I want to make. Happy painting!

  5. Jill, I love your paintings and especially like the first one on your blog. The reason is that both my grandfathers were rail-roaders. My maternal grandpa was an engineer on the PRR and my paternal grandpa was a conductor on the B&O.