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Friday, April 1, 2011

Wandering to Ben’s and back

Had such a good time up at Ben’s place, and his buddy Windy Bob came over to meet me and they both guided me through the back gate and into position. We had an uneventful trip up there, except for the fact that I was trying to burn off all the rest of the year old gasoline that had sat in my tank since I got back from Terlingua last year. Through the year, I only had the RV out a couple of times just for local shopping, like new tires. I still had a half tank full of old gas so topped it off with fresh and headed out. Didn’t seem to have the power it used to, but maybe I was imagining that. Then I noticed how very fast the fuel gauge was dropping. Dang, I couldn’t have been getting more than 6 miles per gallon. Filled it up before I left and it got almost twice the mileage as on the trip up. Maybe it was all down hill, right???

My wife and I both had a wonderful time at Ben’s and since Billy-Bob wasn’t there, I got to use his RV Park. Hope Billy Bob doesn’t send me a bill. Here is a picture of where we parked:

And here is one from the “RV Park” looking at the back of Ben’s house.  He sure has a nice big yard:
Yesterday morning Windy Bob came back over and here is a picture taken by my wife of Ben, Windy, and me.  A lot of age, no, I mean a lot of experience among us three, no I mean a lot of experiences.  Ok, we were all full of a lot of old stories.  What fun it was:

And as you can see from the next picture, not only Windy and Ben were having fun, but my wife also:

It would take a year of blogs to write down everything that we talked about, that is, if I could remember everything. I’ll bet that it would be fun to watch the three of us sitting around the table trying to think of a word or a name so that we could finish our story. My trouble is when I remembered the word, I forgot what I was going to say.

I insisted that Windy Bob read some poetry and sing some of his cowboy songs. He said he would do the poetry but he didn’t bring his guitar. Told him that was no excuse, and went out and brought in mine. Now, he had to sing, and as I expected, he is great. He has an unique velvety voice which sounds so soothing when he does poetry or sings. He is a talented guy, for sure.

Oh yes, I even got a picture of Ben’s guard rock. It is one of the neatest rocks that I have ever seen. What do you think:

The only bad part of the trip home was after I filled up in Lillian, the RV wouldn’t start.  Tell you more about that tomorrow and some more about our visit.  Got stuff to do this morning.  You all have a good weekend.


  1. Remember, don't forget......no it's ...Don't forget, remember....Or is it Remember, don't forget...Hmmm? I forgot.

    Glad you found your way back home..

  2. Frann, just to show you how I forget things, I thought that I would go back and see what I posted yesterday while at Ben's place. I see now that I repeated my self a few times on today's blog. The joys of aging. . .

  3. Do u do that too?,,,Am i allowed to say,,,glad u do? lolol,,,Now i know im not alone.....

  4. Not trying to scare anyone,but... Ben's guard rock looks a lot like a petrified alien!!! You might ask Ben about that next time you get a chance lol. Glad you'all had a great time! Blessings jane

  5. Dizz I was just thinking you can look at a person an tell if they eat to live or live to eat.All so if your wife name is Ruth,I have had one of those for over 58 yrs .I all so have a love stone in a bottle,so people just call it a f***ing rock

  6. Trouble, yes you can say that. I admit it and it is getting worse.

    Jane, wonder if it glows in the dark? That is a spooky looking stone. Wonder if there is a flying saucer burried under it?

    Ted, Only been married to my Ruth for 47 years, but we both went to the same school and knew went "steady" back then. Of course she was a few classes behind me. She isn't near as old as I am.

  7. That's quite a rock. Kind of creepy I'd say.

  8. Mrs. Mobunny, it looks even creepier in person. Unbelievalbe.