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Friday, April 15, 2011

Wondering why I am not bald

I was just wondering why I am not bald. Every time that I brush my hair, I can get a handful of hair out of my hair brush. I brush my hair at least two or three times a day and sometimes a lot more and everyday I take a handful of hair out of that brush. I just can’t imagine where it is coming from. All my hair is long, so I am not growing any new. I really ought to be bald by now. Well, I got to admit that my forehead is getting bigger, but isn’t that just because I have packed all that knowledge in my head? Yea, right!!!

Well, maybe I should let you be the judge. Yes, I know I don’t have the thick hair that I had way back when I was in my prime, but let us just compare the changes over a shorter period of time. Here is a picture that was taken when I made my web-page back in 2005.

That was when I had kept my hair cut and my beard trimmed. Also that is my dog Buttons who was never far from my side.

OK, just to remind you that I let my hair and beard grow after I turned 65, here is a picture that was taken last December.

And to see the change (if any) in my hair loss, here is one taken less than 2 weeks ago when I was visiting Ben.

So, with all the hair that is falling out, why am I not bald by now?


  1. Me being bald Dizz I can tell you straight up that when God created man he created very few perfect heads an the rest he put hair on!When I go to the barber they charge me extra they call it a (finders fee).

  2. Ted, now that is funny, a "finder's fee". Like that.

  3. Baldness is hereditary, Just not in your jeans I guess. Your have more in front if you'd quit slapping your forehead when some one tells you the answer to the problem. :-)

  4. You don't cut it short, therefore all those cosmic rays don't radiate your head. I fear that with all the young folks shaving their heads these days, we're going to have a nation of bald people in the future.

  5. Back several years ago on front page of The TIMES Hearld they had an artical on a sure cure for baldness.The cure they prescribed was persimmon juice an alum oil.it did not grow hair ,but shrunk your head to fit the hair you had.For those that remember that nesws paper (The Dallas Daily Times Herald) Bottom right right corner called (TODAYS CHUCkLE)

  6. Ben, My dad was pretty much bald when he passed away at age 60. I am now 68 and have a lot more hair than he had. Mom wasn’t bald either. Probably should have checked the milk man. . .

    Ernest, guess you got to get your 2 cents in a little earlier. Thanks for stopping by.

    Spud, maybe we could get those skin heads to wear aluminum foil hats. Would that work?

    Ted, guess I could try that persimmon juice and alum oil. Since my brain has shrunk it wouldn’t hurt to shrink my skull a little. Then it would appear like I had thicker hair. Two chuckles in one day, your doing good.

  7. Probably couldn't look any stranger lol

  8. Not sure if I can help you, but I'm 47, not even close to being bald (not even thinning) and haven't found a grey hair yet. I feel kind of stupid (and will start to look stupid if not already) was thinking about adding some artificial grey but the thought of dying my hair seems vain and ignorant... like I said.. not sure if this helps.