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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wandering Around the Flea Market Again

Yep, we went to the Flea Market yesterday and of course we will go again today. There are two to three times the vendors and many times more people there on Sunday than there is on Saturday. So, we go both days when we can.

Yesterday I met a very interesting person and also bought a mate to the first print I bought from the Native American artist that I told you about before. See my old blog
I will try to get a picture of it to show you in a later blog. He, L. David Eveningthunder, is a very talented man. While I was there, he was also playing jazz on the harmonica and he was quite good.

Entering the first outside isle, I saw a fellow coming the other way with a jacket that had a picture of a 1957 Chevy on it. As he was walking past me, I said, “Best car in the world”. He stopped dead in his tracks, turned around, and said, “That is for sure”. Then he said that he collects them. I thought that he was talking about models or toys or something, but he pulled out his fancy iPhone or what ever you call those “computers in a phone” things and started showing me pictures of his ’57 Chevys. Wow, was I impressed. This guy must have been a multi-millionaire for sure. Then, thinking I could not get any more impressed, he showed me a picture of a beautiful red ’57 Chevy with a big blower sticking out of the hood, and told me that it was the fastest quarter mile car in the world (for awhile). I don’t remember the exact speed he told me but know it was around 280 mph. I said that nitro top fuel cars do that in 660 feet (eighth of a mile) now. He said he knows, that he often goes to the same races that I do but is usually "working" there.

I bet he was at the flea market looking for ’57 Chevy car parts, should have asked him. Just goes to show you that you can meet all kinds of people at a flea market. Come, join me there today.


  1. Do you have a good health plan? There maybe help for your flea market addiction. :-)

  2. Our first car was a 4 dr hard top 57 chevy,,,fastest car in town.. lol, we checked that out often. All the cars we had way back then turned out to be collectors. One u never c now, was a 57 2drht, pontiac. Put 3 deuces on it, and it would lay u back into the back seat when u opened those up. It had a major problem tho, the tie rods broke twice, both times i was going slow, so could stop without being a disaster. Gosh, DD, u sure brought up some good memories. thx

  3. Used to make all the local and not too far away automotive swap meets when I was in Plano. I sure miss that here! You could always see to great cars and bikes. Unfortunately the last few I went to the economy had already started to go south and it was not only hard to sell stuff, but people were going nuts asking way above what they should be for pure junk. The attendance was falling way off on top of that.

    I went to my share of flea markets to.

  4. I had a '57 once, but like a fool I traded it in to a dealer to get my first '66 mustang! They allowed me $400 in trade for it!

    Sure wish I had it back...the chevy, I mean!

  5. Ben, don’t think that Medicare will cover that.

    Trouble, I had a ride in that year of Pontiac and it, too, had three deuces. Very fast. My good friend at the time had a brother who ordered a ’57 Chevy form the factory with two four barrel carbs. It was also very fast. I don’t know which one was the fastest.

    David, I typed in the Google search “fastest 1957 Chevy” and a red one like came up like the one in the picture the guy showed me. Now I didn’t know his name but he did tell me that he goes to a lot of shows and brings home trophies.

    HJ, Ok, I don’t feel like the only one that messed up. I sold mine for $450.00. I am going to have to post the picture of my ’57 again. I don’t get tired of looking at it and my younger self. (grin)

  6. Over on Hermit Jim,s blog this morning, you stated that you do not or try to not eat anything that has corn or corn by products in it. How about giving a typical sample of the stuff that you have found that is readily available?

  7. Corn is used in darn near everything. Check this out.


  8. Bob, let me start with beef. Certified Grass Fed Beef (make sure it is certified) is the best, I love its taste. Its fat is a different color and it is better for you than fish oil. A step down would be just grass fed non finished or free ranged non finished beef, poultry, and eggs.

    You like peanut butter, try almond butter instead. Peanuts are second on my not to eat list. Peanuts are a legume, not a nut. Almonds, walnuts, and pecans are OK.

    Vegetables are good; corn is a grain, not a vegetable. The non-starchy ones are the best. I eat a lot of broccoli. Although I try to stay away from anything with a high sugar content, fruit is eaten but not a lot. I love to eat and I do miss some a lot of my old favorites. Sorry to say that I do cheat; once in awhile I have my Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream. See, I am not perfect. . .(grin)

    David, yep, corn is almost in everything but it isn’t in the things I just listed above, except the ice cream. Since I don’t use alcohol or tobacco anymore, a man needs at least one vice. . .