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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wandering to the fair.

(Electric went off this morning and I lost what I was working on.  That is why I am late posting.  BTW, don't forget that you can click on all the pictures to enlarge)

Wife and I wandered to the fair. It was a fair fair day and there was no fare. Yes another fair day, bright sun and blue sky in the low 80’s with a nice breeze. And it was a day that the county fair was going on. So that made it a fair fair day, right? And, since it was free during the day, there was no fare at the fair. Yesterday was senior citizens day and they were holding a big event at the convention center which is located next to the fair grounds. They must have had a fair turnout since the parking lot was full. We decided not to go to it, but to walk around the fair grounds, which was a fair piece from the convention center I think it is fair to say.

They say you get what you pay for, and since it was free, there was hardly anything going on. The children’s petting zoo was open and there were a few school bus loads of little kids coming and going. The country store was open and of course you could walk through the large shelters and look at all the fine bred farm animals.

We also walked through another building that was open and had different displays and the petting zoo. Here are a couple of pictures of my favorite tractors, Farmall and John Deere. I had a Farmall 200.

Behind the Farmall tractors was the petting zoo. And here is a picture of my wife with the type of farm animals we would like. You know, the kind that you don’t have to feed or pick up after:

Behind my wife in this picture is a hill of goats. When we first walked up to it, we thought that they were statues, also, since they were standing and lying so still. I took a look and told her they were alive. At first, she didn’t believe me, then after staring at one for awhile, it decided it had enough attention and climbed on up the hill.

Of course there was a carnival at the fair, and like most everything else, it was not in operation until the evening when the entertainment, judging events, etc. are going on. Of course then there would be an entrance fee. Then it would be fair to have a fare at the fair, fair enough?

Here are some pictures of the carnival. First the Fun House:

All kinds of rides:

And places to eat:

Did you notice the absence of people? It was a vey large carnival, covering many acres of land and with huge rides and fun houses and concession stands, but no people. It was very eerie, like a science fiction movie where all the people but two just disappear.

Remember those prints I bought at the flea market of the Indian ponies? Well guess what I found in one of the corals?

One thing I can say is that they had a lot of security. There were electric golf carts zooming all around with security personnel in them. When we were leaving and just about at the parking a lot, I wanted to get a picture of the huge Texas flag, which I did but also captured a State Police car, a Constable’s truck, and some of the security people.

To be fair, I must say that it was a fair fair day with no fare and we had a fair time walking around in the deserted carnival.   Fair enough?


  1. Nice trac-tahs, as they say in Na-ham-sha!

  2. Pretty Fair post for you Dizzy!! :-)

  3. Ernest, no matter how you pronounce them they are nice.

    Ben, thank you for your fair judgement of my fair post.

  4. gotta say, im fairly worn out, reading about all the fair and fare at the fair fair.

  5. Barney, Guess I forgot a related work. . .

    Trouble, Hoipe you get your strength back fairly soon.

  6. This was indeed a faire expose' of the the faire,and I think I have bent over backwards in an attempt to be faire! Blessings jane

  7. Jane, thanks. Be carefull aboudt bending over that way, you might hurt yourself. . .

  8. After spending many hours at the Ohio State Fair, nothing else could even come close. My oldest son could spend all day sitting on a Massey Ferguson, and my kids didn't even realize there was a Midway. I still don't know how I steered them around it.

  9. Gypsy, tractors are a lot better than the mid-way.

  10. I like the trip! Nice post, buddy!

  11. I think it's fair to say that the smokey bear at the back of the black and white has had his fair share of the funnel cakes ;-)

  12. HJ, glad you enjoyed the trip, come along anytime.

    Scubabon, Yes I bet he did, must be a local, I don't ever remember seeing a State Officer that huge. Maybe the state has some limitations.