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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Huntsville State Park-Second Day

A cool front came through and dried out the air and actually lowered the temperature quite a bit. I don’t have any figures, but it is really nice. The stars last night were so bright that you could almost see to read by them. What a difference when you get off some place where they don’t have a lot of lights.

Ok, someone asked a few days ago to take pictures, and I did. I found a tree with a strange growth that resembled lips. He is a picture at a distance:

And here is on I took a little closer:

Do you see the lips?  If not, how about in this picture:

Now, I can almost hear it talking to me.

Hey Barney, here are some lily pads; don’t you think that there is a lot of big bass laying under some of them?

We have three “houses” for our three dogs.  When the two oldest ones are not using them, the youngest tries all three out, you know, like goldilocks and the three bears.  Her “house” is on the left of the picture but she is in the Mr. Chang’s house.  She does try them all out.
Speaking of Chang Lee, my wife spilt fresh coffee grounds all over him.  It took a lot of brushing to get it out.  I first decided to use the small 12 volt hand vacuum cleaner that I had stored away.  Got it out, plugged it into the 12 volt receptacle and an enclosure part way on the cord started smoking and really stunk up the RV.  Needless to say it is now in the trash bin.  Don’t like even the hint of a fire in an RV.

Going to go home after lunch today.


  1. Is the honeysuckle blooming?

  2. lmaooo,,, at the coffee grounds....not sure i believe it was an "accident",,,,hahahahaha
    That park looks like it would be hot n sticky, lots of ticks, but love the pics.

  3. Man, I sure would like to fish around those lily pads! I can just imagine that somewhere close by is a big boy hiding and waiting!

    Enjoy the rest of the trip!

  4. That must be the Kissing Tree DD. ;) I guess that's better than a hanging tree!

  5. Frann, it has already bloomed, but there may be some late bloomers. I posted some pictures of it a while back.

    Trouble, good thing she was just putting them in the coffee maker, they were not hot or wet.

    Hermit, Yep, but that "big boy" just might turn out to be a crock. Got lots of them in Lake Raven.

    David, Great idea, now why didn't I think of that. Love it!!

  6. Shoot coffee grounds are good for removing of odds. I've put a pan of them in an old freezer and shut the door to remove odors. You may have started something new in cleaning a stinky dog!! :-)

  7. Yea Ben, he does smell better now.