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Monday, April 25, 2011

Wondering about breaking habits.

Yea, I’m back. Sorry if anyone missed me. You see, it is like this. My wife mentioned that I spend an awful lot of time on the computer. She is right, I do. I thought that I would just take a couple of days off. Dang, it wasn’t easy!!

Have you ever had a really bad habit or an addiction that you wanted to quit? Well, I thought, I am not addicted to this dang computer; I just use it for about everything. OK, what the heck, I will just not turn it on over the Easter weekend, and I didn’t. I have quite smoking and drinking, and those were a piece cake compared to staying off the computer and internet. I didn’t realize how much I depended on it for almost everything I do.

First of all, I missed reading about you all and what you are up to, of course, but it was much more than that. Everything I wanted to do seemed like it depended on the computer. Do you know how hard life is without a way to “Google” information? There must have been over a hundred times a question popped into my mind and I had no way of finding an answer. I still have a dictionary, but got rid of all the encyclopedias. OK, maybe I could start a new painting. I like to use some of the pictures I have taken as references and also look things up on the internet to make sure what I paint looks like it should. You know, like the shape of a leaf or flower or whatever or to just bring back memories of places I have been and things I have seen. Yes, all my pictures are on the computer.

You just never know how much you depend on something until it isn’t there. Yes, I am probably addicted to the computer, but it is part of my life. It is a tool that I have adapted to do almost anything I want. I did all my work for years on a computer, so it seems funny not to turn it on the first thing every morning. Well, maybe I can limit my time on here so that I have more time to get things done that need done.

Hope none of you worried about me or missed me. Actually, you may not have even noticed that I was off the blogger world for a couple of days. Now tell me, how many of you could just shut off your computer for two whole days, especially over a weekend when you had no plans to go anywhere nor any thing planned to do?


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  2. I was Dammed Worried bout you. In fact , had you NOT posted this morning, was going to call you!!

    Addiction? What addiction? Heck I can live with out this computer, if this one goes down, I got another one sitting right over there. :-)

    Go ask your wife if she could leave her art projects and flea market alone for one full weekend!!! That'll shut her up!

  3. DD all you have to do is come out here wandering and there will times you will HAVE to do without Inet access for several days.

  4. Going without a computer is tough and its been a real challenge until lately trying to stay online for me. To me if a computer won't get you online then it isn't a computer. Just not much to do because outside of getting online it has probably already been done. (All files up to date and just not much left to do)

    Makes me wonder why I still used them a LOT long before the Internet and even BBS'es were around?

  5. I can live without my computer. As I have done for weeks and sometimes months when I've been away from it.

    However, when people tell me I'm addicted (which I agree with) I always correct them and say that "it's not an addiction if I can do without it. I have a deeply profound fascination with my Calendar which I sync to my phone every day."

    Not being able to google things is tough. It means going to the library and researching the good old fashioned way.

    Speaking of, my car broke down last week, right on the day before us Australians had a 5 day long weekend, which we're still in until Wednesday. Perfect time for a car to break down. When all the parts shops are closed for 5 days. Anyway, I'll be posting something in my blog about living without things and finding alternatives that are probably better anyway.

  6. I can live without running water too but why would I want to?

  7. Ben! I think DD wants to be still married tomorrow! I can shut it down ...except it is also my stereo and TV!

  8. For a person of my generation, the computer in some form has always been a part of my life. Even my earliest memories were of Atari, TI99-4A, and Comidore 64s. A while back (about 4 years ago), I wanted to simplify a bit, and part of that was cutting the internet line. That's right, our home is internet free. The wife and I don't even have data plans for our phones.

    But even with that, I don't think I could do without a computer. I certainly wouldn't want to. As you pointed out, every family would have an encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, photo albums, telephone books, address books, and tons of other printed works and notes which are now just merged into that little digital wonderland. I guess I could do with out my computer, but not without re-adding all of those things which the computer replaced. That is a lot of stuff!

    Can you imagine actually having to swap CDs to listen to a new one? So Archaic!

  9. Ben, sorry to worry you, I didn't mean to do that. Maybe it showed me that I need to divesify somewhat and not put all my eggs in one basket. And about what to say to my wife, see Frann's comment.

    Barney, I use the Verizon Coast to Coast thing and have for many years. Back when I first got it, there were a lot of dead areas, like in the mountains of Arizona. Now adays it is rarely that I am without a signal, but some places it is very slow.

    Pipsqueek, thanks for checking in and hope you get your car fixed. Hope you were not planning a road trip for the holidays.

    Oldfool, I see what you mean but when the power goes out here and my pump will not run, I reallize how great running water is when you don't have it. Same with the computer.

    Frann, Thanks Frann, yes I would still like to barried tomorrow.

  10. DD YOU HAVE THE NERVE!!! U dont just leave without letting us know!!!! (READ MY BLOG!!!)
    As far as living without, why should u?,,,I think being retired n OLD,,,hahahaha, gives u the right to do some things YOUR way. Doesnt ur wife do things alone? Would u expect her to quit her painting,,flea marketing, etc, cause it was too much time consuming? YES im female, but i believe in equal rights.

  11. I would miss my computer as well!!! I also spend too much time on the comp,but it sure helps pass time,I am also guilty of looking up info constantly. Blessings jane

  12. I spend way too much time on the computer, and look forward to being on the road where I can't keep checking it all the time. I like reading the blogs, doing a little research now and then, and using email, but much of the time it is a huge waste of time.

  13. I like the fact that I have all my friends in one (virtual) place via the internet! Best thing is...I don't have to feed 'em!

    Seriously, I probably could get by without it, but just don't want to, ya know?

    We were wondering where you went, though!

  14. I did in fact go without mine for a couple of days. Saturday and Sunday were very busy around here so, didn't have time for it, but when I am bored or just around the house that is another story altogether. Stay safe.

  15. Yea, ya'll missed my point, Dizzy has his hobby, the blog and internet and his wife has her's , making stuff and flea markets. Is it fair for her to insist that HE give up his , but not HER?

  16. Oh, man, you're preaching to the choir!

  17. Grant, you are absolutely correct, there is no way any of us could now go without the computer. I know I couldn’t.

    Trouble, sorry about that. My wife said that if I were going to not write a blog for a couple of days that I should at least write a short one to let you all know. I do apologize for that.

    Jane, you sound like me but I do have a lot of other stuff to get done. Oh well, maybe if I manage my time better???

    Gypsy, but when you are on the road, you better find a time and place to keep us informed about your whereabouts and your well being.

    Hermit, yes it is nice to have all our friends in one place, but you have to feed them information, which you do so well. I should have listened to my wife when she told me to let you all know what I was going to do.

    Pidge, yes, we should be the ones to use the computer when we want to and not let the computer dictate to us. (grin)

    Ben, she didn’t insist. I never said that. In fact she gave me heck for not telling you all.

    Ginger, I have been in choirs and they do listen to the sermon, we may have needed to be preached to. (grin).

  18. Wow, I must try it one day, some day... perhaps...

  19. FT, No, it ain't waht it's cracked up to be.