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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday and Tax day.

Well, it is Monday morning and it is also the dead line for filing last year’s income taxes. Have you got yours mailed off yet? Heck, I got mine done early this year and got my refund back almost exactly a month ago; got it on March 17.  I usually try to make my estimated quarterly payments come out at the end of the year so that I only have to pay a small emount.  This last year I didn't have the expected amount of income.

There is still no rain in my area. According to the news, a few counties just north of Houston (mine included) are experiencing the most severe drought of any place in Texas. Yes, we are in more of a drought condition than my friends in the Terlingua area. For an area where the humidity is usually so high that you can feel the moisture in the air and usually stays between 85 and 99 percent, having humidity percentages below 10 and in the teens is very, very rare and especially when the temperatures are so high.

OK, I do have to admit that we have been having beautiful weather. It feels so much better than normal. The days have been just gorgeous!! That, my friend, has been the trouble. Way too many perfectly gorgeous days. It is so true what my Mom always told me that too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

You all have a good week now, you hear?


  1. I hope you get rain soon, but the weather patterns really seem to be off everywhere. I guess we can look forward to lots more of this in our future.

  2. Gypsy, everything changes. There is nothing permanent except for change.

  3. Well tax day no longer applies to me...the advantages of being broke :)

  4. I had started having to use a tax guy to do mine. Went to him last year I went in and he looked over my papers and said I didn't even need to fill a return. What with my disability and and age. So that's just one more thing I don't have to worry about.
    NOW,, When I hit the Lottery I betcha I gonna pay some huh? :-)

  5. Got my taxes done a while back. Wish ya'll had some rain!!! We are getting more than our share. I did get some planting done in the garden this morning,good thing too since it looks like rain again! Blessings jane

  6. Frann, I know what you mean. I filled only to get back my quraterly paymenst. I don't like using the US gov as my banker, they don't pay interest, just collect it. But, am paying a little on the quarterly basis this year just in case I get enough work to owe taxes

    Ben, I am planning on hitting it, also. BTW, I hit 3 numbers on my pick-5 last Saturday. Don't laugh, it is a start. . .

    Jane, I would like to have a garden put the wild pigs would only destroy it. Haven't seen any for the last 4 or 5 days, maybe they moved on. Hope so.