Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wondering why birds like my back porch.

There was another bird inside my screened in back porch again this morning. This happens quite regularly anymore. They just can’t fly in there, so what is so interesting that makes them find a way in? There are two screen doors. The one that opens to the dogs’ yard has been altered. I attached a 1”x4” across the bottom of both doors but the one to the dogs’ yard, I loosened the screen at the bottom. It works like a doggie door. They just jump through the door to get off and on the porch. Somehow, these birds have figured a way to get in through that loose screen.

After the dogs all came back in, I removed the long springs that close the doors and keeps them shut (with the help of the spring loaded rockers installed on the side of the door jams). I then opened both doors as wide as they could go and chased the bird around until it found its way out one of the doors.

There is nothing that I know of for them to eat on the porch. Maybe they just want to turn on the ceiling fans out there and sit on my old rocking chair and relax. If it had only happened one or two times, I wouldn’t be a wondering about it. But, it happens quite often. Dang “bird brained” birds. . .


  1. Birds love nuts! Dizz I look at your picture an try to visualize you without your beard. I think of my granddaughter telling me once when I had to dress up for something, (Pap you clean up pretty damn good)Also I think of what Confuses said about those that cultivate under their nose that which grows wild in unspeakable places.

  2. Mother Nature sends her critters to some strange places a LOT!

    Maybe they know something we don't!

  3. Well DD, maybe they just like you and go in there waiting for you to come out?

  4. OK Ted, do you think my beard would make a good bird's nest?

    HJ, the other open (but covered) porch at the end of my house has nests at the corners. Maybe this one wanted a screened in porch for more protection and like me, forgot the way out. . .

    David, gee, I am glad something or somebody may like me. . .

  5. Maybe at night they come to the light? Who knows.. ask a birdbrain!! :-)

  6. Can't help you . . . I had bats that kept flying into the house. Maybe my dome looks like a cave. It got so bad we have to be careful coming in and out, as bats would zip in over our heads. Weird.

    One year the problem just went away. Maybe your birds will find something better to do?

  7. I guess birds go about where every feel like going. We recently had a pair of morning doves make a nest on our front porch! Go figure? :-)

  8. Ben, I am a birdbrain, (grin)

    Sixbears, Mybe instead of you having a "man cave" you could call your place the "Bat Cave". Do you have a friend named "Robin"?

    Ron, I don't mind them, but worry that we may be away in the RV and one may get in there and can't get out.