Wondering about wild grapes

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wondering about smells.

The sense of smell is a wonderful thing. A whiff of something familiar can bring back memories as far back as childhood. It can attract you to something or repel you away. The same smell can be loved by some and hated by others. In the animal kingdom it leads one to food, a mate, and warns of danger. Smell is also a big part of taste. Remember how bland things tasted when your nose and sinuses were stuffed up or blocked?

 I also want to apologize to the shrub “privet” for some of my statements and for some of my comments. I am sure that some of you would love the aroma that my privet bushes’ flowers give off. I am sure it is just a matter of taste (no, I mean smell). It really isn’t that bad of a smell, it is just so overbearing. The aroma is so strong that it is irritating to me, but maybe not to you.

 The two foods that people have the most unfavorable opinion of are liver and spinach. A large percentage of Americans do not like those two foods. I, on the other hand, rate them as my favorites. I love spinach any way it can be served from raw in salads to baked in a quiche. I also love liver grilled or fried or in boudin sausage. The trouble is that these two foods are extremely high in iron and so is my blood, so I have to go easy on them.

 I am sorry that I slandered a bush called “Privet”. Also, being such a poor speller, I thought when Ted told me in his comment that the bush was privet hedge, I thought, because of my bad spelling, that he meant “private hedge”. That is why I said I thought that it should have another name. Ted also liked the “sweet” smell. Goes to show you that we all don’t like the same things. My Mother would get sick just smelling liver cooking whereas I loved it. My wife and I are probably the exceptions rather than the rule. My wife even hates the smell of perfume. Go figure. . .


  1. I have to agree with your Mother,, cooking liver makes me gag. Can't eat it , no way ,shape or form!!
    Now spinach? Yea, I'm with you. Took years but I find now I like it.I even found a salad bag at the store that had several different types in it.. makes a heck of a good salad. BUT, DO NOT PUT ANY LIVER IN IT!!! Liver is just guts!!

  2. My first recollection of spinach was at about 5 years old. Popeye like it so I should too and I did. SWMBO thinks it is a waste of time.
    Liver was a regular food for us in my teenage years and although I loved the gravy I could not stand the meat. The first time it was served in the mess hall was after a hard day and I ate about a pound of it and thought it was wonderful. I still do.
    Liver throughly coated with sage and sauteed is a treat.
    I especially like easter bunny liver.
    I have several of those bushes on my biking route and I like it because it is one of the only things I can smell. If I can smell it then it is strong.

  3. Smells that trigger memories for me..Lilacs, one certain after shave, barn smell, wild roses....and I love Liver and onions and spinach!

  4. I love spinach, and almost all vegetables in fact, whereas I can't be in a house where liver is cooking.

  5. Here you are thinking about the aroma of a flower that has just been discovered an I'm thinking of John Wells building a man made oasis down there in that God forsaken land for all of Gods creatures to enjoy.I was just thinking (build it an they will come).I was just wondering how he plan to keep them out when they over whelm him.Just a thought

  6. Ben, yes, spinach does perk up a salad for sure. I like it in salads but just plain steamed and with a little vinegar and salt. . .oh boy.

    Oldfool, Yep, got to be like Popeye!! Seems you acquired a taste for liver. I can’t remember never liking it. Heart and tongue are great, too.

    Frann, The scientists say that smell triggers your memory better than sight or sound. I believe sound is next and sight last. BTW, I had only had lover and onions for as long as I can remember and then one time in a restaurant south of Detroit, I had rare grilled liver, done like a steak. Wow, that was even better.

    Gypsy, I guess you don’t like liverwurst. Right?

    Ted, I believe that John gets a lot more company than he wants. He has a hard time getting all his work done. My wife and I were even guilty of holding him back, since he was gracious enough to give us a tour.

    The different likes and dislikes of people are what make us who we are and wouldn’t it be boring if we all liked the same stuff? If all of us only like one thing, say strawberries, they would soon be all gone.

  7. Around here, it is the B-brush with that overpowering smell. Lots of it, even in my yard, hard to get rid of, thrives in droughts. It gets mowed down, but never dies. Glad u had LOVER n onions for so long. hahahahaha Cant stand the smell of coconut, like in lotions, etc, sickening.

  8. My favorite smell is bread baking followed by apple pies fresh from the oven!

  9. Ernest, it is hard to beat that.