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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wondering why TV shows have gotten so bad?

I believe I have told you before that I like to watch old western TV shows. One of my favorite is the old black and white show, Wagon Train with Ward Bond, Robert Horton, and Frank McGrath. That was, and still is, a great show. The differences in that old show and the current shows on TV that stands out the most in my opinion is the morality and Christian values that it portrays. Not in every show, but in quite a few of them they were not hesitant in showing the Sunday services on the train. The one I watched yesterday was about a preacher who for awhile lost sight of his calling. One scene toward the end of the show was this fellow preaching to the members of the train on Sunday morning, and what sermon it was!

Now a day's most of the shows have either violence or sex or both in all the episodes. Sort of gives a snap shot of where our society has descended. Not a pretty picture. I am not trying to preach here, just making an observation; an observation that scares me. We are suppose to be “one nation under God”. Well, I must say, that we are a lot further “under” (below) God then ever before.


  1. I truly think this is a cross between a realization and a sell out. On one hand, Christianity might be the most common religion in this country, but it is by no means the only one. And to those who aren't, it's offensive. I believe it all started when producers realized that they could reach a wider audience by not catering to the "moral majority". I mean, be honest. Aside from that one episode, if they took out the pastor (not counting adding in the bad stuff) would you really miss it or would it make the show any less appealing? I don't think so.

    But then the marketing people get in, and realize that by adding in the sex they can appeal to the younger demographic who love to spend money, starting the ugly cycle.

    And I think I could argue the violence. Maybe not the gore, but how many of those westerns don't have the bad guy die by the end of it.

  2. Dizz an other case where we agree that we disagree.I think we have been way down there all along an just now realizing it.I sill think GOD is so complex that there is not one person on this earth that can actually comprehend GOD.I'm not a scholar just a man that GOD gave a mind to think with.It's hard to see this world an the universe with out believing.I can't put a face on my God but I know .

  3. I think we misunderstand the reason for TV programming to begin with. It isn't to teach or to entertain, but is there solely for the purpose of selling us stuff. When they were selling to families with one TV per family, 3 channels maximum, it was different than today with Dish TV advertising 6 locations per household (tell me who needs 6 TV's in one house), with hundreds of channels and everyone watching something different.

    Those old westerns look different from our perspective today, but how many times did the show feature a commercial break where a man dressed to look like a doctor touted cigarettes. Or a chirpy mom touting a cereal for her kids that was loaded with additives and food dyes. There was certainly no morality to be found in the blatant lies told to sell products.

    I think TV is one of the biggest waste of times there is, but that is just my opinion and I know it isn't shared by many. Just sayin' . . .

    Very good topic today, Diz. I can't wait to see some of the other comments.

  4. Grant, yes, I can understand the reasons. If you ever watched Wagon Train, it was so different from all the other so called "westerns". Yes, on a few episodes, someone got killed or killed, but most just had good moral stories about life and hardships of heading for Califonia in a wagon train and going a couple of thousand miles, taking many months. It was like a small town on wheels.

  5. Ted, I really believe that every person should have the right to believe what he wants and in his own way. I was just trying to show the different moral standards from the '50's to now.

    Gypsy, I am one of those who have satilite and just love the Western channel. Also, it is the only way I can get my NHRA drag racing shows. But, I do agree that TV is a waste of time.

  6. I totally agree with you. My Husband and I often turn shows off and stick an old western in to watch. We even watch Gene Autry and the Lone Ranger. Can't beat those good old westerns.

  7. Good in site from your group of readers today. One reason for the changes is SEX sells. The morals of this country are changing of course. Just look at the decrease in good ole basic religion. I see mega churches going up all over the place and from what I read and hear bout them, they don't teach the same morals I grew up with . Hell,there are GAY preachers and churches? The Bible I studied is pretty clear on that topic.

    Personally I quit going to organized churches when the pulpit began more and more on pleas for more money in the collection plate and less and less on "teaching" the Bible.

  8. Pidge, that is why I like the Western channel, a lot of old cowboy movies, and you don't hear any bad language, unles "Ain't" qualifies.

    Ben, you are right. I don't attend any organized church anymore, either.

  9. Dizzy,I agree with you,most of what is aired on tv today is not worth watching,I strongly believe that the media is indeed teaching us,but it is all the wrong values! What is really going on with television today? We probably don't want to know! Blessings jane

  10. Television! The great waste land, anesthetic for the mind. In the old day, we called it the 'Big Blue Light' due to the blue glow coming from peoples windows as the watched it in the dark.

    This place came with two of them when I rented this condo. I had the manager take them both out. Don't need one, don't want one.

    GIGO folks!!!

    I agree with you Dizzy, the TV shows when TV was sill in B&W were moral, descent and no foul language was even hinted at, let alone used.

  11. Jane, It is the society we live in now that condones such things and it scares me.

    Ernest, yep the old B&W TV days were good. I watched another episode of Wagon Train again tonight and there was no one killed, not even the Indians. Wally Cox was the guest star. Anyone with Dish network can see it weekdays on the Western channel just after The Virginian. No commercials.

  12. And the computer is not ?
    Tools are only bad if used to that purpose...

  13. Spud, you are so right. No item should be blamed for the way people use them.