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Monday, April 11, 2011

Some pictures I promised.

Today, I am going to show some of the pictures that I either promised to show you or talked about in my last few blogs. First off, here is a picture of the signed print that I bought from L. David Eveningthunder:

Remember the first print that I bought. Its theme was wolves, and hidden in the painting were images pertaining to wolves. In the last print, the hidden images pertain to buffalo. Here is a picture of both prints:

I also had in my blog about meeting the guy with the fastest ’57 Chevy and I told you I would again show you the picture of the one I had. It had a full race cam, solid lifters, domed pistons, and shaved heads. It’s engine would turn 8000 plus RPMs and it also turned a few heads:

Now I am going to show you what my two dogs look like after they got shaved. Ben, since you don’t like this sort of thing, you can stop reading now (grin). For our oldest, Muffin, it has been almost a year since she was shaved and she is well on her way to having it back, but it takes a few years to get back to this:

Muffin now looks like this:

And now Gizzy has been shaved. Remember what she did look like:

And here is what she looks like now. These following pictures were taken yesterday:

You all have a good week now, you hear?


  1. lol,,,on the shavings,,,do they think theyre pretty now?,,,a friend had one that always thot she was.

  2. Trouble, the last one to get shaved just laid in her "house" for the first two days, then wanted to be with me all the time. It must have been a traumatic experience to her. The other older dog doesn't care one way or the other.

  3. I love that picture of the '57! Man, what a bunch of memories come when I look at it!

    That man does some really good work as an artist, doesn't he?

    The pups really don't seem to be too upset about the trim! It has to feel better for them!

  4. Cute little dogs. They all look so content.

  5. HJ, I loved that car. Sure wish I still had it.

    And yes that artist is good, you ought to see some of his other work. BTW, I corrected the typo of his name, it is Eveningthunder.

    It is so much easier to care for dogs with short hair. The two females have a thick under-coat that gets tangled easily, whereas the male doesn't. Think we will keep them that way.

    Pidge, The pups are content except they are jealous of each other and that can, at times, cause a problem.

  6. There is an artist I always liked named Bev Doolittle who hides things in her pictures. I love his pictures and your pups are precious.

  7. Handsome little dog's! The 57 chevy brought back memories for me too,my brother had one,it turned heads too! Blessings jane

  8. Frann, I have never tried to hide things in pictures, that is beyound me. And I agree with you on his pictures and the pups.

    Jane, That model car was one of a kind. It represented the 50's era so well. Back then we went to drive in's to eat where they brought out those trays of food, we went to drive in theaters, and we went crusing. The car was king.