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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wondering about folklore creatures.

My wife has started making sketches of folklore creatures on the cards she is making. She has discovered a new skill and like all the rest, she is very good at it. Anyway, I didn’t know that there were so many creatures of old folklore.

PIXIES are little flying tricksters supposedly from Cornwall, England. They do all sorts of tricks on people and sometimes leave a trail of pixie dust behind them when they fly.

ELVES originated in Scandinavia and usually live deep in a forest. They love to dance at night in the moonlight and sometimes leave circular rings in the green grass.

SPRITES are mischievous spirits that live and react with nature. No, it is not a soft drink. Some sprites cause the leaves to change color and fall.

FLOWER FAIRIES are said to be born inside a budding flower. They can always be found anywhere that flowers grow.

DRYADS are the spirits of trees and most often oaks, according to Greek mythology.

GNOMES are earth-dwelling creatures that resemble old men and at least one of them works for Travelocity but most just live in gardens and front yards.

BROWNIES are helpful elves that inhabit some Scottish houses. No, it is not a sweet chocolate treat that you bake in the oven, not the little girls’ group prior to being Girl Scouts. It was believed they could turn themselves into roosters during the day.

PILLYWIGGINS are tiny flower fairies from Britain and Ireland and they get angry when flowers are destroyed.

GOBLINS are not nice. They are ugly and unpleasant creatures that play malicious pranks on humans. They celebrate Halloween causing havoc with ghosts and other evil creatures.

BANCHEES appear at night to foretell or mourn the death of one of the ancient Irish families who’s names begin with “O” or “Mac”. Their wailing is called keening and they can take on many forms.

LEPRECHAUNS are Irish fairy cobblers that make shoes for other fairies but they only make shoe. They own magical pots of gold hidden ant the end of rainbows. Catch one and he will give you his treasure. It might be easier to win the lotto.

SIRENS are seductive water fairies that lure sailors to their deaths. They are different from the sirens that live in my swamp. Remember my old blog about the sirens:


KEPLIES are Scottish water fairies that appear in the form of a horse.

SYLPHS are winged air fairies. They drift along on drafts and puffs of wind but can also move as fast as lightning.


  1. Troll's...we used to call the homeless people who lived under the bridge troll's. My son took them sleeping bags when it got cold.

  2. Most folks don't believe me, but I had lots of fairies in my house when I lived in Ireland. I didnt have as many when I moved to NC, and they are really scarce in CA. I truly believe they are around though, and I love them.

  3. My Aunt was the one that told me if I could follow the end of the rainbow I would find the leprechauns and the gold,,never did and I chased a bunch of them.. :-)

    One memorable time I actually flew through a rainbow in a Hot Air balloon and got above it!!! Could see almost the complete circle!!!
    Could not see the end that had the pot of gold though. :-(

  4. WOW!!! Never knew there were so many,,things,,like that. Loved ur post today n would love to c ur wifes paintings of them. Gosh, not sure how to describe B-brush. Its everywhere here, grows thick and brushy, gets about 10 ft tall, and blooms tiny little white flowers that overpower u with the smell. Bees love it,lol.

  5. Frann, dang, I forgot about trolls. Guess I better not cross any bridges until they forget that I forgot. . . Good for your son, he is a kind person.

    Gypsy, about 90 percent of all mythical creatures originated in Ireland or Scotland. I guess some followed you over here.

    Ben, I bet that was a lovely experience. No gold, dang!!

    Trouble, thanks. My wife paints flowers and other things but she is just inking the creatures for now.

  6. Cute post! I know that gnome,the one who works for travelocity,he's a mess!!!lol, Blessings jane

  7. Dizz have your wife look http://50watts.com/filter/jan.-2010#1244312/Folksy-Fruits-Anthropomorphic-Adventures-in-Opal-Orchard

  8. Jane, that gnome is one of the most famous ones (grin).

    Ted, I will tell her.

  9. I know about some of these, but not others, so very informative. I will be on the lookout (well, not for the goblins). Your wife must be very creative. I hope you post one of her cards someday soon.

    I'd like to add Chupacabra to your list. My brother laughingly calls my beloved dog, Roxie, a chupacabrito because he says she looks like a cross between a goat and a chupacabra.

  10. Ginger, I thought that they found a real Chupacabra down in the valley area of Texas. It was a strange looking dog like creature about the size of large fox or small wolf.