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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I want to apologize.

Well, I went and did it again; I didn’t listen to my wife. She told me that if I were not going to post a blog for a few days that I should at least post a short one telling you all that I would not be posting for awhile. Of course I didn’t listen to her; just told her that I was not going to fire up all my equipment to do that, if I were not going to use it for other stuff. I guess I could have turned on the lap-top, but I didn’t even do that. I just sort of stopped “cold turkey”. That is the way I do things.

Therefore, I want to apologize for my inconsiderate and thoughtless act. Please forgive me.

We may, if conditions and circumstances are favorable, head out somewhere for a short RV trip. I will take the lap-top along, but sometimes I end up camping in a valley near a lake and may not have cell service, or I may not post until later in the day. Just a heads up so you don’t worry.

Guess what, it rained a little bit last night. I could hear storms way to our north, but we didn’t get anything severe, nor did we get much rain. We got just enough to wet the very top surface of the dust which used to be soil. I am thankful for even that little bit of rain, just don’t want it to rain this coming Sunday when I go to the NHRA Top Fuel Drag races at the Royal Purple race track to the east of Houston near Baytown.

And again, I am sorry for not letting you all know and want to thank you all for telling me how you felt. I guess when you get as old as me (I am even older than “Old Ben”), people worry when they don’t hear from you (grin). Yep, I am still alive, and well, and kicking.


  1. Wellll,,, I guess i forgive u,,,just this once. Just be sure it doesnt happen again.
    I have to be gone today, leaving in a few mins,,not sure ill get a post done today r not.
    Have a great trip, and keep us in the know amap.

  2. Enjoy your little jaunt and while on the way keep this one point in mind. IF mama says turn here.. Just do it !!! It'll work out a lot better in the long run for all involved.

  3. Hey...if mama ain't happy, then no one's happy! Besides, doesn't take long to post a short warning "no post today"!

    Enjoy the little jaunt!

  4. Trouble, thanks for forgiving me. I will try not to let it happen again.

    Ben, Not sure if I am ready to do that yet, might end up somewhere I don't want to go.

    Hermit, Boy are you right.