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Saturday, April 9, 2011

It is the weekend already.

Wow, how fast time is going. Where did this week go? That just means my brain is slowing down. Remember when you were a child and an hour seemed like an eternity? Well, back then our brains were working at lighting speed. Then, too, since I have not been working, time seems to fly by, also. No, I don’t have time to get bored. Hate that word. Don’t believe in boredom. There is always something to do or something to think about, or something to plan. I don’t have very much time for anyone that keeps saying they are bored. Dang, how did I get off on all these different subjects? Guess it is because I had no idea what to write about. . .

Just got a fresh cup of coffee and on the way back to my computer room, I walked by where my wife was watching the news on TV. They said on the news that a study showed that people who shop every day are far less likely to die. Now that is one thing I didn’t want my wife to hear. Dang!!! No, I don’t want here to die, but I always thought there were better things to do than shopping. I have to admit; sometimes I like to shop, too. (But not for the same things my wife shops for.)

Yesterday was “grooming” day for our dogs. The youngest one was such a mess that she had to get shaved. The seed pods off the all the oak trees are piling up in the yard and they get into the dogs under-coat and create tangles and “rat’s nests”. She actually really looks cute. I will have to take some pictures and show you, but will save you from that for today. OK, Ben? (grin)

I was impressed by all your choices to the question I proposed to you. You all are very wise people and we can sure learn from each other. Thank you for participating.

Got to go and get ready to head out to the flea markets. It’s an outing; I get some walking exercise, meet people, and sometimes find some really good bargains that I just can not live without. My wife likes to look for stuff she can use in her crafting projects. When you look at junk through the eye of an artist or craftsperson, they do take on another perspective. You all have a great weekend.


  1. I have this love/hate relationship with shopping. As far as clothes shopping and shoe shopping and the like... I can hardly bring myself to do it. But garage sales and Flea Markets - Well that is a different story entirely! One mans trash is another man's treasure. You just never know when you might run across that "thing" you just don't know how you did without until you found it!!
    We are buying some land and getting ready to begin our new homesteading journey and so we have been looking for all sorts of things. We've had some luck with Craigslist too. Found all our well pump equipment, a super tiller, and an old wood stove! Great deals on them all, too.
    Have yourself a Super Day!

  2. Dizzy! You been going to all those flea markets ,, when YOU going to have a big ole garage/yard sale to make more room for more STUFF?

  3. SciFi, looks like you found just the right piece of land. I like what you've shown us so far. I like the flea markets because I get to meet all sorts of people. Met one today who collects '57 Chevies. Had to tell him about the one I used to have.

    Ben, More people come to "Barn Sells" than they do "Yard Sells", so maybe I ought to bring a big load up to your barn and have a sell. (just kidding)
    BTW, my wife likes to buy better than sell.

  4. I would go out shopping or to flea markets and yard sales, but it takes so long to properly plan these things out. To get the route just right so as not to miss any of em. Then ther is refreshments to think about, bring with or buy, water or pop, bologna or....well ok bologna, see I done made one decision today, now it is time for a rest

  5. I agree, shopping is both a chore and a fun release, depending on how much it matches my packrat habbit. Clothes are a quick in and out at the local big and tall store. The last time I bought shoes, I was in an out in less than 5 minutes. Same way with most other necessities. But, my weekend isn't complete without at least an our at our local used book/music/game store. Everything, I have to sift through the entire clearance sections, looking for a few gems. Often with my laptop open to a "to buy" list. I never spend more than $10 a weekend, but it's great fun.