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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Woke up in Ben’s Back yard.

Finally pulled into Ben’s place about 14:00 yesterday afternoon. Got a fairly late start, got up the road a few miles and couldn’t hear my wife taking to me and realized that I had forgotten my hearing aids. Had to go a couple more miles before I could find a place to turn around. Just love this CRS old age sickness.

Anyway, Ben was waiting there with Windy Bob and he directed me into his fabulous RV park. He really does have a very nice place. He has neighbors near enough if he needs help but his place is big enough to give him privacy. Very nice place and he is such a gracious host and a really nice guy. I can’t say anything bad about him, of course I am still here and he might read it (grin).

My wife, Ben, Bob, and me all sat around telling all these great TRUE stories about just any subject that popped up. Had a wonderful time. When Windy Bob was about to leave, I told him he couldn’t go without a cowboy song and some poetry. He had this lame excuse about not having a guitar with him and had to get home and feed the dog. Well, I couldn’t help him with the dog, but I did go out and bring in my guitar. He entertained us with song and poetry.

Ben whooped up one of his famous pizzas which was the best I have ever tasted. After some delicious dessert, we got back into the story telling and some serious talking. This has been a wonderful experience for my wife and I. So far, I have only met five of my blogger friends in person, and one of them for just a minute or two, only long enough for introductions. They have all been great people.

I was so busy talking that I didn’t get any pictures. Will try to correct that later this morning. Maybe I will be able to get some on tomorrow’s blog. Till then, think I will go chat with Ben awhile.


  1. Now, dd,,,this is a very serious ?,,,just hth did u forget ur hearing aids,,,when u drove ur home????Just where were they, in the mailbox?,,,in the swamp?,,,up in a tree?,,,,
    Glad u vouched for ol tex,,,lololol,,,
    yall have a really good time.

  2. Hey, I didn't know there was a road trip circuit planned out. Now I'll have to get an RV of my own. I love even crappy pizza, good pizza is heaven.

  3. Well, I'm glad you made it and I hope you didn't forget anything else...at least, so far!

    Sounds like you all are having a good time! Always nice to put faces with the names!

    You better keep an eye on ol' Ben...he might be full of surprises!

    Enjoy the visit, buddy!

  4. Ben, pizza and dessert...it don't get any better than that :-)

  5. Glad you and your wife are having a good time,always nice to get away for awhile. Blessings jane

  6. Sounds like fun..wish I had been there.

  7. Trouble, anymore, I would forget my head if it were not attached to me.

    Grant, sounds like a good idea, a road trip circuit and you getting an RV. Come, join the crowd. Check out the forum openroadsradio.com, it is about hams who RV.

    Hermit, yes it was nice meeting both Ben and Windy Bob in person. Don’t know about them, but I had a wonderful time and Ben is full of surprises.

    RJW, no it sure don’t.

    Jane, yes it is nice to get away now and then. It has almost been a year since our last trip.

    Frann, do you think you would have fit in with all us silver haired guys. BTW, I was the oldest.