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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Answer to yesterday's question, etc.

As I promised, I will give you the answer to yesterday’s question that asked, “What is the name of the star with the shortest name”. Well, that star also happens to be the closest one to us, our Sun or Sol. See, I bet you knew all the time, right?

We took a ride into Conroe yesterday to pay my yearly dues at Sam’s Club and then go to the book store. I wonder why they don’t update my picture that is on my Sam’s Club card. It is so old and worn that it is hard to see the picture, and if you could see it, it would be a lot younger version of me. Of course, since the picture is old and worn and so am I, I guess it sort of suits. Do they still issue cards for business owners with their pictures on them? I guess I should have asked them.

On the way into town, a place that sells tractors and related stuff had a guy dressed in a Santa Claus suit waving and holding a sign saying open house. The Santa suit seemed strange to me, since we have been having days in the 70’s and 80’s for quite a few weeks now. But this morning it was 35 degrees here and is only going to get up into the mid 60’s, so maybe it was a sign of the change in weather.

My wife and I always enjoy going to the book store. She bought crafting books and I bought some song books. I just never can remember all the words to the songs that I like. Sometimes, it surprises me to learn that I have been using the wrong words. Of course my wife tells me that I say the wrong things most of the time. . .


  1. The guy in the Sana Suit? Called creative Advertising!!! Got your attention didn't it? And you looked at what he was advertising.

  2. To late in the year for santa,I'm looking for spring,the bearded guy will just have to wait! Blessings jane

  3. You sure got me there. I didn't even think of the sun as being a star, but of course I know it is.

  4. Ben, you are right, he did get my attention.

    Jane, I agree, but since we had such a cold winter, summer may be too hot this year. See, you did know the shortest name of a star.

    Ernest, now come on, it wasn’t a trick. (or was it?) :-)

    Gypsy, sometimes the things closest to us are over looked.

    FYI, the star that has the longest name is Zubeneschamali and is found in Libra.

  5. Nick, you may be a Libra star but your name isn't long enough for the title. :-)